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The primary marketing platform implementations needs boosting to satisfy the growing marketing and brand building needs in today’s business landscape. That’s why DemandBlue offers accelerator components for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot. These accelerators are resuable components created by our team to help your marketers efficiently leverage and fastrack the development of the complex features of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud with augmentation that will help your team surpass your marketing goals.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot are two of the most prominent and widely used platforms. But, getting the most out of them is an entirely different story. Our custom-designed accelerators help administrators to leverage packages eliminating the development lead time and resolve every possible marketing bottleneck and optimize the marketing tools to meet the business ends. We help your marketers understand your data and customize the Salesforce APIs for effective integration and to deliver a personalized customer experience.

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Fastrack your marketing activities with our accelerator components

Our accelerator components for Marketing Cloud and Pardot include preconfigured modules that can be customized to suit your marketing needs. Our Marketing Cloud and Pardot accelerators will add pace and efficiency to your marketing activities alongside optimizing your key operations. Leverage our accelerators to automate your marketing efforts, tailor customer interactions, and reduce operation time and costs.

A/B testing accelerator

A/B testing is a great way to measure and improve your email marketing performance. We help you effectively do A/B testing with Marketing Cloud and Pardot to improve the open rates and understand the target audience’s expectations. Our A/B testing module makes it easy for your marketers to apply the recommended practices like scheduling, optimizing subscriber lists, and more.

IP Warming Best Practices

IP warming is essential for building a good reputation of your IP address, and we help you implement it for your organization with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot. Our accelerator will help you to build IP reputation across all different factors that Internet Service Providers follow: open rates, spam complaints, and engagement rates. We adhere to the best practices like authentication, records validation for SPF/SenderID and DKIM/DomainKeys, and compliance checks with laws like CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and CCPA.

Spam Complaint best practices

We understand the pain when a marketing email receives a spam complaint also understand the impact of sending an email to audience who reported your email as Spam . We help you manage these spam complaints with our Marketing Cloud and Pardot accelerators. Our accelerator will help you identify and prevent sending emails to the subscribers responsible for these spam complaints. This way, we will help reduce your spam complaint rate and also enable you to automate your personalized emails.

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