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Customer success is achieved through many platforms, products and services from SALESFORCE such as

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud



So ask yourself…

Are you using Salesforce effectively?

Are you adapting to the ever changing Salesforce atmosphere?

Are you innovating?

If you say YES to
these questions?

Then it’s time to
experience innovation with DemandBlue Labs!

Our LAB is
your playground

DemandBlue Labs Innovation Org provides customers access to more tools inside and outside of the Salesforce platform. Play to see the future possibilities of solutions in our Innovation Org, customized to fit your business goals. DemandBlue Labs has been designed to be your playground to experience and drive innovation. Witness how Salesforce tools can work for you in your own world with DemandBlue Labs.

Lightning CRM

Service Cloud

Field Service Lightning



Community Cloud

Salesforce  Maps


Digital Management



& more…

The DemandBlue
Customer Team

Here at DemandBlue Innovation Labs we bring you the tools to explore all the avenues of innovation within the Salesforce ecosystem. Start your experience in our labs by testing and learning the many different intricacies of an application against your own unique data. The DemandBlue Customer Success Team comprises of a vast pool of experts dedicated to help you navigate the Innovation Org and tailor a custom solution for your needs.

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