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How Salesforce CPQ can enhance the B2B customer experience?

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Blog

A typical B2B buying experience is known to be complex and heavily layered. With a prolonged quoting process and the lack of personalization in billing and product recommendations, the B2B buying process becomes arduous. But, long gone are the days when B2B buyers had to wait for days just to get a quote for their purchase. A great sales tool like Salesforce CPQ helps you Configure, Price, and Quote instantly.

Why do B2B sellers need a sales tool like Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ is a widely trusted sales tool that boosts your sales reps’ productivity and helps them win deals lightning fast. With CPQ, your sales reps can now quote the entire order, all while talking to the customers, and have the ability to offer them personalized product recommendations. This results in shortened sales cycles, increased accuracy in performance, and better customer experience.

4 ways Salesforce CPQ enhance the B2B customer experience

Close deals faster than ever

Salesforce CPQ accelerates B2B purchases and saves your customers’ time. It helps sales reps to close deals faster and boost customer satisfaction. Your reps can now create quotes at lightning speed and serve your customers’ specific industry needs.

Increased Accuracy

There is only one thing that customers desire other than quick responses, and that is accuracy. With Salesforce CPQ, your sales reps can now create flawless quotes and product configurations without having to double-check the details. Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), an add-on that comes with CPQ, can help your sales reps streamline the final contract negotiation on prices and terms while making sure it doesn’t turn into a nightmare for your B2B buyers.


Personalization is one of the essential aspects of the B2C buying experience that B2B buyers desire. Salesforce CPQ when combined with Salesforce B2B Commerce helps you personalize orders by offering your customer customized product catalogs at their negotiated/contracted prices

Enhancing Selling with Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce CPQ can utilize Einstein AI’s insights and prediction to recommend cross-selling and up-selling opportunities to your reps. This way, all the time and efforts saved can be invested into productive tasks like selling and dealing with customers without any interruption.

Revitalize your selling with our Salesforce CPQ services

CPQ is a highly effective and useful sales tool that pushes off unnecessary burdens on your sales reps’ shoulders. With unparalleled features and user benefits, CPQ helps you sell better and improves customer satisfaction and customer loyalty for your firm. It is important to note that implementing CPQ and customizing it for specific selling needs is a different story. It requires a well-orchestrated strategy, good understanding of your sales processes and ability to effectively translate business requirements to technical requirements to successfully implement CPQ for your team.

DemandBlue has longstanding experience in the Salesforce landscape that distinguishes us from others. We can provide an expert solution to every Salesforce task. Our team will help you assess, strategize, and migrate your database to Salesforce CPQ while providing the required customizations to ensure maximum productivity. Our goal is to help you ramp up your sales and utilize every aspect of Salesforce to the fullest.

If you are looking for a partner to implement, customize and integrate Salesforce CPQ for your firm, then visit our CPQ service page today!

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