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How DemandBlue Helped a Leading Mortgage Lending & Refinancing Company To Strategize New Lead Assignment Process With Use of On-demand Salesforce Solution

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Blog

How A Leading Mortgage Company Streamlined More Lead Closures Implementing On-demand Salesforce Solution

Better Customer expectations and more lead closures are the common factors for any Mortgage and financing organization’s success.

To elevate such a strategy in their business, a Mortgage & Financing company from the US partnered with us to transform their mortgage experience that exceeds the needs of customer expectation and amplify the efficiency of lenders. The client approached us, (DemandBlue) with some challenges that restrain them from achieving better ROI and streamlined lead-to-sale processes.

Challenges That Client Experienced With Their Existing Lead-To-Sale Strategy

    • The Inbound leads from the targeted accounts were not consistently being identified and assigned to the respective account owner.
    • There’s a major gap in the lead-to-sales process and the strategy isn’t balanced across all the sales teams.
    • Leads that were related to partner or customer accounts were clogging up the sales queue.
    • Many existing leads were assigned to inactive owners and were not being followed up.

On-demand Salesforce Solution To Leverage Lead-to-Sales Process

After a strategic approach and assessment with the client’s stakeholders, we planned to set up a custom Salesforce platform with custom fields and configurations that compile their needs. Since Salesforce is a comprehensive platform and it acts as a container where the mortgage processes right from generating leads, leads scoring, follow-ups, lead closure is managed and tracked within a single dashboard.


    • DemandBlue developed a custom account-based lead assignment model to compare and identify the matches between the domains in a lead’s email address and existing accounts extracted from visits to the website.
    • Customized the solution to automatically detect target accounts and assign them to the respective account executive for timely follow-ups.
    • Introduced blended lead scoring strategy & grading model that helps the executive and managers to assign quality leads to the sales team.
    • Configured an ideal strategy that helps the marketing team to identify and assign quality leads that sales team has the highest probability for closing.
    • Implemented Flows strategy from Salesforce to find the emails that match the existing accounts’ domain, if so alerts with “Lead notification”.

Results Driven With End-to-end Implementation of Salesforce Solution

Sales Managers and Account Executives have more time to close deals:

By removing the burden of manually assigning leads across the team, there is more time for higher-value tasks.

Leads don’t slip through the cracks:

Leads are now automatically detected from target accounts and assigned to the appropriate Account Executive so high-quality leads are followed up promptly.

Close more deals:

By implementing this new process, marketing now properly identifies and assigns qualified leads that the sales team has a higher probability of closing.

Click here to download the entire case study to understand how you can optimize Salesforce for your Mortgage and Refinancing businesses.

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