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How A Leading Equipment Manufacturer Boosted its Sales Potential by Adopting Advanced CPQ Solutions

by | May 6, 2021 | Blog

Decades ago, organizations relied on legacy systems to meet their CPQ requirements. Software systems have advanced significantly since then. Today, we have cutting-edge SaaS platforms that provide CPQ solutions that can help companies enhance the effectiveness and accuracy of their proposals to clients.

However, there are still quite a few organizations that use dated systems, hindering their credibility and performance. To put things in perspective, one of our high-end clients used a legacy-based system for their CPQ process, which was slowing down their functions and creating massive delays.

Based in Georgia, the client is a leading manufacturer of advanced surgical scrub and linen dispensing equipment. They design hardware and software solutions for acute care hospitals and other healthcare providers, with an estimated 900,000 healthcare professionals utilizing their technology daily.

Their earlier pricing tool used built-in logic functions and subscription rules to generate product-specific calculations. The team had to manually enter values in numerous fields, search for terms and conditions as per explicit company guidelines based on the category of each client, and work with several picklists before they could finalize the pricing. It was a time-consuming and tedious process that lengthened sales cycles and hampered productivity.

Driving Change Using the Salesforce CPQ Tool

After an exhaustive analysis of the client’s workflow process, the DemandBlue CPQ team recommended the Salesforce CPQ tool and laid down a roadmap for migrating the client’s CPQ process to the Salesforce CPQ platform.

The solution allowed complete automation of the proposal preparation procedure, which reduced processing time by 25%. DemandBlue’s team constructed the quote processes using quick action and related field level logic to ensure flow from the parent deal and auto-population of the quote field. Such automated quotes eliminate errors and reduce the need for revisions.

Greater Agility and Efficiency

The client witnessed greater efficiency and agility in the workflow as the Salesforce CPQ reduced the response time considerably and allowed the sales team to focus on converting more sales leads, instead of spending long hours preparing quotes that could have errors.

Customizable and Sustainable Solution That Is Easy to Use

Salesforce CPQ tool provides powerful, user-friendly features that require minimal training for operation. DemandBlue set up six Product bundles and 12 pricing structures for the client for the first phase, with discounts and rebates for different scenarios.

The product bundles, order volumes, and pricing strategies of organizations constantly evolve. Depending on such changes, the Salesforce CPQ tool can be easily customized. New scenarios can be added, in relatively no time to ensure clients are offered products according to the latest rules and policies.

Improved Sales

Process automation improved the efficiency and productivity of our client’s sales team. With data-backed automation and real-time cloud access, the sales team could work from anywhere.

DemandBlue implemented the Salesforce CPQ solution with multi-tier approval processes and pricing capabilities. The system offers a three-level approval process and an automated document review flow. In a rapidly changing landscape, DemandBlue enabled the client to scale their operations and improve efficiency.

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