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Get the most out of Google Analytics 360 Integration with Marketing Cloud in 5 simple steps

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Blog

Marketing is a millennia-old practice to acquire new customers by showcasing your products and services. Today, marketers can leverage customer data and insights to plan every step of marketing engagement and predict outcomes with unquestioned accuracy. Integrating such insight generation tools like Google analytics 360 with Salesforce Marketing cloud is well known and recommended practice. But optimizing this link of integration to gather the most relevant and to the point insights could be different from the usual and it is always a good practice to carefully observe your traffic changes and continuously alter the settings to fit your needs.

Here are some of the tips to enhance your Google analytics 360 integration with Salesforce marketing cloud:

5 Amazing tips that will make your leverage the most out of Google Analytics 360 Integration:

Using Filters to handle bot traffic and IP exclusions

Maintaining the quality of data can be done easily by altering the filter settings for Google Analytics 360 Integration. It helps in managing bot traffic identifiers or IP address exclusions. If the workers are working with a corporate VPN, then you might have to face an increase in the internal traffic. These filters can be expanded to exclude such IP traffic from the main reporting.

Updating campaign tags

You can now accurately view web traffic and conversion rates by simply updating the click-through URLs of ads in an organized manner. Also, it is necessary to tag campaigns to ensure you get to drive your website to generate traffic. A well-executed campaign tagging helps you display the status of all the media channels and paid searches.

Note key data shifts with annotations.

Annotating updates in the settings help you get a data shift of traffic. This assists in accounting data spikes like a sudden change in date, pricing, or status of any report. It also helps the users to provide reference while communicating over the data shifts.

Empowering decision-makers

To improve the quality of actions performed on your website: it is necessary to provide your decision-makers with the right tools to make them decide better. The Analytics 360 can be used with external data sets such as Tableau Data-hub to track your data, and it’s progress.

Avoid capturing personal information.

It is best for both the customer and marketers not to capture or submit any irrelevant personal information. Google Analytics 360 should not be used to capture such data types, as it discourages the customer’s to fill landing page forums and give away relevant details.

Unleashing the fullest of Google Analytics 360 Integration for Marketing Cloud

Salesforce marketing cloud is a self-sufficient platform, but together with Google Analytics 360, it can completely rock your website’s performance and help your marketers come up with better and well-planned strategies. Complying with these tips will help with your Google Analytics 360 Integration to further improve your results and market your brand with an enormous flow of traffic.

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