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We published the 3 Winning Tactics to Use Social Media for Lead Generation a few days ago and we hope you found it useful. Following the post on offbeat Social Media concepts that are bound to attract your audiences’ attention, this blog aims to cover the platform-specific techniques that encapsulate the best practices to generate leads across different Social Media platforms.

  • Twitter Lead Generation
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • Facebook Lead Generation
  • Reddit Lead Generation
  • Instagram Lead Generation

1. Generate Leads using Twitter

Twitter has a staggering 330m active users and & 70m spent on the platform per year. With people from across the globe using Twitter, there’s nearly an audience for everyone. And with the right tweets, you’ve got a massive potential to generate leads if you can rack up the retweets. Stick to the topic, but you don’t have to be too strict on that; talk about what’s relevant to your specific audience and engage with people in your industry to broaden your network. Also, generate your own content. Retweeting other people’s tweets alone or posting external content alone will not make people want to follow you. Create your own content and bring your voice to the table. Once your audience is there, you can generate leads more effectively and in abundance.

Using Influencers – Identifying influencers and having them mention or retweet you is a great way to get your account in front of new people. Interviews and features can be a great ego bait to get more influencers to share your content, which will eventually boost your following and enable you to generate leads with high quality.

Tone of Voice – People most often use Twitter to be entertained or informed. So try using a slightly informal tone of voice which works better for Twitter. A few emojis and memes work fine. Just don’t overdo it though.  Dry business language is not exactly a big draw.

2. Generate Leads using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to generate leads as people in LinkedIn are already open to business talks, and many use it to find out new tools, products, and approaches. So, you can be a bit more direct here. One of the best parts of LinkedIn is that you can target your posts even if they are not paid. By clicking on ‘Post Options’ under the post creator, you can send the post to people based on their location, job, industry and other criteria.

This means you can highly customize your posts without annoying the people who are irrelevant. Want to write something aimed at CTOs in the fashion industry based in Bradford? Then go for it. The fashion industry CTOs in Newcastle won’t see a thing and be bothered by the content that is of no use to them.

LinkedIn Algorithm – LinkedIn is fond of conversations and will share your post more widely when more people comment. You can encourage this by simply posting a question, and LinkedIn users love to offer up their opinions. This can be as simple as asking for their top tips on a subject or asking for their opinion on a controversial subject. The more arguments in the comments section, the better the ranking for the post (As long it all stays civil). Just be cautious about encouraging conversations around controversial topics and you will be good to go. And you can always delete posts if things go south. As the post reach increases, your brand will appear in front of new people that will help you generate leads that are highly convertible.

3. Generate Leads using Facebook

Facebook’s algorithms keep changing in order to improve user experiences. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg’s 2018 announcement that Facebook algorithm will prioritize “meaningful interactions” from family and friends over branded content, it has become trickier than ever to ensure that your organic content reaches your prospects, which is why more and more businesses rely on paid ads for this platform. However, with a strong strategy, there are still ways to reach your potential customers organically and quickly generate leads.

Encourage sharing and conversations – Make your posts as interactive as possible. Create content that will trigger actions than being just informative. Try and start discussions with the content and posts. Ask for inputs and suggestions or anything that will get people talking in the comments. Try to tell a compelling story which will make the posts shareable or even viral if it is something really creative and exceptional.

Create a Group – Group posts are more likely to show up on people’s feeds when compared to brand posts from pages because joining a group signifies that you want to be involved in the discussions around the topic. It is a good idea to pick a topic beyond just your business content. Focus on topics that your audiences like to discuss and talk about and then you can pull people in and generate leads.

4. Generate Leads using Reddit

Reddit is gaining increased attention from marketers these days. It has amassed users from across the globe while people can also create their own super niche communities. It serves as an amazing platform to find opportunities and understand your audiences better. However, to get the most out of the platform, it is critical that you understand how it functions.

Reddit is a tough nut to crack. Users and mods are observant of marketers who are solely using the platform for promotion without contributing to the community. So, you need to set up a real account and use it naturally to optimize benefits from the platform. Try and get involved in a number of subreddits and build a good profile. This shows that you are willing to dedicate your time and efforts on the platform. However, it is essential that you post interesting and relevant content. Dumping every blog that you write all over the website may get you banned. Be thoughtful and useful, and once you get using Reddit appropriately, then it’ll become much easier for you to find real opportunities to generate leads.

You can build relationships by communicating with mods of subreddits. Based on the topic, plenty can be open to working with brands in the right situation. For instance, many run Ask Me Anythings, where a person is interviewed by the subreddits. You could be an excellent choice for a food subreddit if you run a restaurant. Or, for one of the marketing subreddits if you run an advertising agency.

5. Generate Leads using Instagram

Instagram is, of course, a great platform with opportunities galore. The website currently has a whopping 800 million monthly active users and growing. However, it can get competitive and challenging to generate leads on, since you can’t use links on posts, which could be a small hitch when compared to the other sites like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

What do you sell – a product or a Service?

See how you can translate your product or service into Instagram posts through visual representation. Get delicious pictures of your food if you run a restaurant, or get the best pics of your latest collection of ensembles if you are a fashion brand. It’s as easy as that. However, if you sell a business service like us, it could be a bit more challenging but is still possible. In our case, we produce content made with data from our platform. For more insights on what types of content can be posted on Instagram, Check out our Instagram page.

Using hashtags in your post increases the chances of your post reaching your potential customers that will help you generate leads efficiently. As people search hashtags, you have got people already receptive to sales. And ensure that you don’t overdo it. Don’t pointlessly add 50 hashtags, but be targeted and concise. Also, to keep your posts neat and uncluttered here’s how to hide hashtags on your post.

Driving People to your website – Always make it easy for people to reach your website. With not many links in the posts, it’s difficult to get people onto your site.  So, to start with, ensure that you have your website or contact buttons set up on your profile page. This gives people easy one-click access to your website.

Lead your way to Success

Social Media is a gold mine to generate leads and web traffic – when used properly. Research indicates that 63% of companies using social media saw an increase in marketing effectiveness while 50% of marketers using social media saw an increase in customer satisfaction. Also, 45% of companies using social media saw reduced marketing costs. So, if you are still hesitant to use Social media to generate leads, it’s time you put your reservations aside and get on the bandwagon to generate some highly convertible leads.

We hope this article has helped you learn something you already didn’t know about Social Media Lead Generation. Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot offer invaluable features to leverage social media for your lead generation process.  If you want to know more about how to unleash the power of Pardot or Marketing cloud, talk to us! 

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