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Dreamforce 21: A Complete Guide – Everything you need to know about Dreamforce 2021

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Blog

Hello to all Salesforce enthusiasts and fellow Trailblazers. Welcome to the second blog of our DF21 series. Last week we shared with you our excitement in being a Silver Sponsor of this year’s Dreamforce event. In today’s blog, we will try to explore in more detail what we can expect from this year’s event. After the completely digital event last year, Salesforce has obviously gauged the sentiments of participants to have an in-person get-together and so has integrated a small and safe in-person event on top of the digital extravaganza. Instead of one big gathering, this time it is going to be small groups scattered across 4 big cities and a large percentage of participants watching from their homes.

Dreamforce Event 

Dreamforce is a tech carnival where thousands of Salesforce enthusiasts, tech leaders, and celebrities gather to discuss all things Salesforce. Dreamforce brings together Trailblazers, customers, and key stakeholders from around the globe. It is the place to be to make great connections and be a part of exciting conversations.

When is it happening? 

This year’s fireworks begin on the 21st of September and go on until the 23rd, a 3-day affair that only gives you gains. 

DF21 – Be a part of it

Wish to be a part of the grand tech event?

Here’s how Salesforce has planned to set up Dreamforce 2021!

Well, getting an invite for the in-person Dreamforce event used to be a register and pay until 2019. But 2020 and COVID changed everything. Last year, Dreamforce became a completely virtual event for the first time. Considering the COVID precautions and the safety of the participants, Dreamforce 2021 is set to be an invite-only on-site event this year.

Salesforce has, in fact, categorized their target audience for Dreamforce 21 to ensure that the global tech event is accessible to all. A larger share of the event invitees will be customers who comprise 50% of the total count. And the rest will be,

Salesforce Employees (20%), Salesforce Community (15%), Partner Sponsors (8%), Speakers, and Special Guests (7%). And, that completes the invite graph for Dreamforce 21!

So, what if you couldn’t make it to the in-person event?

No worries, Salesforce will never let you down! They have planned to conduct the Dreamforce 2021 as its first-ever global event, which enables participants to enjoy the live Dreamforce experience from the comfort of their homes.

Enjoy the Virtual Experience 

With Salesforce limiting the on-site attendance, the virtual event experience will be a treat for those who cant make it to the Dreamforce in-person event this year. Yes, Salesforce’s first and newest Dreamforce launch models enable participants to join the event in person or online, making it accessible to all in this digitally connected world.

And to enhance your virtual Dreamforce experience, Salesforce is planning for something unique and innovative in the name of Salesforce+ – the latest streaming service platform by Salesforce that offers live experiences and original content to its users digitally. Salesforce+ is bigger than you could imagine. It includes diverse channels, with each one offering personalized content for its targeted audience. 

To add more smiles to your virtual experience, the Salesforce+ membership is all free now and easy to grab! Yes, Salesforce is giving out free Salesforce+ access to celebrate the introduction of Salesforce+. So don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of Dreamforce 2021.

Dreamforce in the New Normal

The world has slowly started to adapt to the new normal, and Dreamforce 2021 will be a testament to that transition. Though the excitement levels among the organizers, participants, and the Trailblazers are high, safety tops the Dreamforce priority list this year. Therefore, Salesforce has made utmost efforts to ensure the safety of the participants for the in-person event. Salesforce has partnered with several leaders in the medical community to ensure a safe experience for all the in-person attendees.

Below are the COVID-19 protocols published by Salesforce.

  1. Are you fully vaccinated? – Yes, you need vaccination proof, which is not less than 15 days to attend the event.
  2. Negative PCR Test – You should be tested negative 48 hours prior to the event.
  3. All attendees are advised to provide Health Pass.
  4. Antigen – Self-administered Antigen Test is another must to attend the event.
  5. And finally, at indoor events, a mask is a must-have, so while packing your bags, don’t forget your mask and hand sanitizer.

What does Dreamforce offer?

  • Get to learn about the newest and most sensational Salesforce products.
  • Gain an opportunity like never before to connect with Trailblazers, build careers and get an abundance of inspiration.
  • A party that makes you feel alive. Don’t miss out on all the great performances by mega artists!

Over 100 hours of raw and original content, 4 channels covering every role, industry and topic, interactive sessions with more than 100K Trailblazers from around the world and finally a great fun celebration to round off the event.

Meet us at DF21

With the Dreamforce 2021 back as an in-person event this year, the 19th annual Dreamforce will indeed be a wonderful and worthy experience. And we are pround to be a Silver Sponsor of DF21. Meet our team at Dreamforce 2021. Our representatives would be delighted to meet you, host you, and talk shop.

As a Salesforce Certified Partner with years of experience in offering On Demand Services for Salesforce across a wide range of verticals, we remodel your business with innovative solutions. During DF21, we are planning to launch some value added services for Revenue Cloud users. Our offerings on Revenue Cloud/CPQ will aid in revamping your operational model and add wings to your sales team. From quote automation to leveraging guided selling solutions, our CPQ implementation services will help streamline your sales cycle and close deals quickly. Promise your customers a hassle-free buying experience with our tailored Salesforce CPQ solutions.

Let’s connect @ DF21! 

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