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Dreamforce 2022:  A recap of all new announcements from Salesforce

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We are just two weeks out of Dreamforce 2022, but many of us have already started missing the Dreamforce magic and eagerly await the events next year. The three-day annual conference was full of fun and insights for the Salesforce community. We are sure you would have enjoyed experiencing all the inspiring episodes, sessions, and exciting events.

Every year, Salesforce releases great products and shares exciting announcements during its annual global event. This time was no exception; they had many surprises to make this epic family reunion remarkable.

If you missed the event, here is your chance for a concise Dreamforce 2022 recap.

Our Visionary Speaker at Dreamforce 2022

Arun Govindan - Dreamforce 2022 Speaker

We were glad to see our Director of Customer Success, Arun Govindan, present “Best Practices for Migrating Data with Salesforce” to a packed crowd at Dreamforce 2022.

Day 1Dreamforce Mainstage Keynote

The mainstage keynote was kick-started by Marc Benioff (Chairman & Co-CEO) and Bret Taylor (Co-CEO) of Salesforce, and they shared how they felt to be back at Dreamforce San Francisco. This session mainly covered how Salesforce began its Dreamforce journey and revolutionized into World’s Largest Enterprise App Company as a philanthropy, innovation, and culture leader.

During the session, the visionary leaders also revealed Salesforce’s new launches and announcements, such as Salesforce Genie, Net Zero Cloud, Canva integration in Slack, and their commitment toward Ecopreneur Revolution.

Salesforce Genie was introduced as the first-ever real-time Platform for Customer Magic and stood out in this keynote. This platform helps brands react instantly by collecting and unifying customer data in seconds. It offers myriad benefits for businesses when powered with “Customer 360” features such as real-time flow automation, Einstein AI, Transactional Database, Hyperforce, and real-time Genie Hyperscale Data Platform.

In addition, the speakers also briefed the audience about thought-provoking sessions and philanthropic contributions to local hospitals and education.

A Trailblazer’s incredible journey – From refugee to Salesforce Developer

Sima Samara’s speech about her incredible journey of becoming a Salesforce Developer made the keynote session extra special.

Samara spoke about how she struggled to restart her career when her university degree wasn’t recognized in a new country. Having fled from her home country for safety reasons, Samara wasn’t able to find a job and ended up cleaning homes to make ends meet. She shared how Salesforce’s free online learning platform, Trailhead, the Trailblazer Community, and the ‘Refugeeforce’ program helped her become a Salesforce developer in just five months, even without any prior technical training.

She stated, “The nice thing about Salesforce is that you don’t need to study for four or five years at university. You just need a Trailhead account. It tells you what you need to learn.”

Sales cloud keynote:

This session involved exemplary speakers from Salesforce, FedEx, and Delta Air Lines, explaining the future of Sales Tech to be Digital First, powered by Hyper-automation, AI & Data.

Some of the key takeaways are the following:

  • Sales Cloud genie helps businesses to unlock new revenue streams and achieve efficient growth with its automation, intelligence, and real-time digital selling features.
  • Intelligence fuels decisions and turns data into insights for every sales transaction.
  • Salesforce enablement helps your sales reps with resources, tools, and knowledge to close deals faster.
  • Einstein conversation insights, relationship insights, and bots help businesses to deliver appropriate content and engage more audiences.
  • Subscription management helps you meet buyers’ preferences throughout their purchase journey.
  • Partner relationship management helps you modernize and scale your partner experiences from onboarding to selling.

Service Cloud Keynote:

This session was handled by a panel of experts from Salesforce, Uber, GE appliances, and ADT. They discussed the CS challenges, like how complex legacy systems, frustrated customers, and insufficient context affect businesses today. It showed how instant personalized service could help firms to eliminate mundane tasks and introduce magical customer service for improved cost savings.

Service Cloud Genie, Contact Center Genie, and Field service Genie were introduced during this session. The speakers highlighted how these new additions could help businesses create and scale experiences connected with automation, intelligence, and real-time data.

Slack Keynote:

This session was highlighted by speeches of Katie Augustus, VP, Product Management, Salesforce; Stewart Butterfield, President & CEO, Slack, Salesforce; Tamar Yehoshua, Chief Product Officer, Slack, Salesforce; and Jennifer Hirsch, SparkWorks Design Head, Janssen Research & Development, LLC, discussing how Slack’s latest innovations are driving productivity, efficiency, and value across Customer 360. They highlighted the benefits of Slack Genie and its new Canva introduction.

Business as a Platform for Change

The session involved speakers like Bill Wetrate, CEO of American Family Insurance, Sarah, CEO of Nextdoor, and Rich Paul, CEO & Founder of KLUTCH Sports Group, who shared how they use business as a platform for change.

Bill Wetrate joined Salesforce as a signatory of The Climate Pledge and currently runs the “Free to Dream” initiative, a commitment of 105 million USD for the next five years to address the equity gaps across the country. This initiative focuses on four key areas: education, healthy youth development, sustainability, and economic opportunities. The speaker highlighted how their organization has made 25 investments in recent years in social impact startups and increased the minimum wage to $23.

The CEO of Nextdoor, Sarah, shared her organization’s commitment to cultivating a kinder world and why leading a person from the heart is prominent. She also shared the values and social impact frameworks they use.

And finally, Rich Paul shared how KLUTCH grew 3x during the tough times and why educating people to make crucial decisions at a young age is significant.

Day 2 Recap

Commerce Hour: Maximize Revenue Your Way

Speakers Kelly Thacker, SVP, Commerce Cloud, Salesforce; Amanda Hatker, VP, Product Management, Salesforce; and Kimberley Zatlyn, VP, Product Marketing, Salesforce, discussed the benefits of the Commerce Cloud during this session. Since digital spending has risen significantly post-pandemic, they shared how Salesforce Commerce offers a complete portfolio of functions, including commerce, payments, order management, and marketplace, to help leaders Build-A-Bear Commerce Customer 360 to maximize productivity and efficiency.

During the session, they introduced Commerce Genie and highlighted how its flexible tools, automation, intelligent recommendations, and real-time data help businesses improve their revenue flow.

IT Keynote:

A panel of visionary speakers discussed how IT teams can easily automate functions with low code, build and operate intelligent apps, and activate real-time data securely using the latest platform and MuleSoft product innovations. The speakers talked about the new world challenges such as labor shortages, economic uncertainty, siloed teams, processes, and systems, supply chain disruption, and how customers expect companies to understand their unique needs in today’s world.

From discussing IT’s path to success, and the evolution of the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Genie, to stating the formula for success, the session was impactful, and there was much learning for everyone. 

Unlock Data and Unleash Analytics Everywhere 

This session offered information on how a business can build a better data culture and use analytics across the Customer 360 to drive intelligent decisions. Speakers like Karen Madera, Francois Ajenstat, and Anusha Surepeddi explained how organizations focus on becoming more data-driven, leveraging analytics to predict outcomes, and acting on insights to make better decisions.

The speakers introduced “Tableau Genie” and explained how Tableau Exchange further enhances the Analytics platform. It’s a new addition by Salesforce which helps businesses automate analysis and make real-time decisions with accurate AI insights. During the session, they also presented a few live examples of how Analytics is helping companies like Shoe Carnival and Schneider Electric. 

Be A Trailblazer

This session was titled “Be a Trailblazer in the Salesforce Ecosystem” and was led by speakers Leah McGowen-Hare and Sarah Caporusso. The discussion included the Trailblazer economy’s future, the Trailblazer community’s power, and the mission of Salesforce’s new Trailblazer Workforce Partner Program of adding 20,000 new trailblazers by 2028.

In addition, the present digital skill crisis, the increase in the cost of higher education, and Salesforce’s mission for everyone to advance their skills and become a trailblazer were also discussed during the session.

Digital Transformation for an Evolving Future

This session involved an exemplary panel of CEOs such as Sam Roddick, Sharon John, and Sim Tshabalala. They accelerate constant reinvention in their business and drive success by leveraging the right technology.

Sharon, CEO of Build-A-Bear, explained that digital transformation is not just limited to IT. It is multi-dimensional, and businesses should focus on building brand values with the right creativity and empowerment. She also stated that when businesses are undergoing decision-making processes during difficult times, they must consider the standards created in the company and focus on the long-term stakeholder values.

Sam Roddick, the CEO of Deloitte Digital, spoke about how he builds future businesses through digital solutions for his clients and sets strategies and a vision for various teams. He further explained how many companies have lost their capital by adopting a digital transformation without understanding its need.

Sim Tshabalala, Group Chief Executive, Standard Bank Group, explained that the role of a bank is to mobilize and recycle society’s resources.  He quoted, “The bank is dead. Long live the bank,” and began to discuss the challenges such as the war in Ukraine, anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism financing, and pure strategic competition. Later, he shared the benefits of new partnerships with some of the Fintechs, Nigeria’s digital currency issuance, digital wallets, and the importance of purpose, trade-offs, digital innovation, and the Trade ecosystem.

Day 3

True to the Core


This session was a live Q&A forum involving Co-Founder and CTO Parker Harris, Chief Product Officer David Schmaier, and product leaders of Salesforce. It covered:

  • What is True to the Core—listening to the people who use Salesforce
  • Integrating acquisitions—Commerce Cloud (integrate it with Community Cloud)
  • Expanding what Core is—Core.com force platform, Genie adding new capabilities to Code
  • What is Core? —Tableau Data, Products being used
  • Having a better system of Admins on Idea Exchange
  • Status of moving functionality from Classic to Lightning and Natural reduction of Users
  • Learning about and being certified in the Marketing Cloud
  • Implementing “Core”

HLS Keynote: Unlock Health Equity


This session focused on health equity challenges and their impact on the services people receive. The speakers, LaShonda Anderson Williams, Amit Khanna, Sean Kennedy, and Kristi Lundgren, highlighted how Salesforce could bring practical solutions using data and new ways to engage with patients to improve health literacy.

They stated that healthcare companies could improve and real-time data with a 360-degree view of patients to deliver the care patients and consumers need at the right time and place.



Dreampitch is where you can watch entrepreneurs in a live format pitch their innovative sustainability businesses. Deloitte Digital presented the session along with three luminary Ecopreneurs of Urchinomics, HIVED, and Veritree. It was mainly focused on how Ecopreneurs scale technology for a sustainable future and inspire innovation to improve our future.

The first ecopreneur, Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda, Urchinomics, explained the importance of kelp forests and the marine ecosystem foundation. He shared how overfishing and climate change disrupt the balance and cause sea urchins to eat kelp forests. He further explained how Urchinomics capture and cultivates them, actively removing urchins to save kelp forests. The speaker’s message to all of us was to spread awareness about kelp forests and their importance and to adopt other modes of consumption.

The second ecopreneur, Murvah Iqbal, HIVED, shared that parcel delivery these days is unreliable, polluting, outdated, and yet remains a profitable market with a massive climate problem. She explained the importance of change by including software, data, and operations to make it better. The results will be unmatched and super reliable, with features that have never been implemented.

The third ecopreneur, David Luba, Veritree, discussed restorative organization measures and why to set goals to understand the risks of degradation and the importance of creating a healthy economy.

Urchinomics won the largest number of votes and became the show stealer of Dreampitch.

Closing Statement

Now that we have listed many exciting things that happened at Dreamforce 2022, it’s your turn to learn more about the latest solutions and understand how they could benefit your business!

Watch the On Demand Dreamforce content on Salesforce+ for free here: sforce.co/sfplus

Let’s catch up next year in San Francisco. Until then, stay connected!

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