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Shrink billing cycles and automate invoices with Salesforce Billing

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Blog

Enhance your Sales reps’ productivity with Salesforce Billing

Salesforce Billing is a feature-rich billing platform that enables your business to generate invoices for your customers. It helps your sales reps handle and manage recurring, one-time, and usage-based products and can be integrated into your Salesforce CRM for unhindered data synchronization. It is a single-place solution for all your billing and finance needs that enhances the customers’ buying experience and streamlines the overall billing process for a shorter sales cycle. DemandBlue helps you deploy Salesforce Billing for your sales and billing operations to maximize your sales ROI.

Get the complete new billing experience with DemandBlue’s end-to-end services

A simplified billing process elevates the buying experience, makes customers feel comfortable, and often turns them into repeat customers. At DemandBlue, our end-to-end Salesforce Billing integration is a driving force behind great customer interactions and loyalty. Our expertise in Billing solutions will help enhance your billing process, improve revenue recognition, and aid your sales reps to close deals quickly with precision. 

Let’s dive deeply to illustrate how DemandBlue’s tailored Salesforce Billing implementation will transform your billing processes.

DemandBlue’s tailored Salesforce Billing implementation to your rescue.

Eliminate errors

Our implementation will eliminate human error by digitally compiling costs and automating invoice creation. This way, we help your sales and finance teams save enormous time and effort while enabling them to create error-free bills.

Manage subscription billings

Subscription-based billings are typically complex. To handle this complexity, our certified experts will customize your implementation to support your subscription models and services. For example, we will help manage and automate your recurring billing programs that include discounts, free trials, and refunds.

Reduce administrative burden

Our Salesforce Billing implementation will automate and standardize your invoice process which becomes the foundation for growth. Our experts will guide you through setting up scheduled invoices for complex products and manage cash flow with ease. The elimination of manual errors in your billing process alone will save a lot of time normally spent on invoice validation.

Ensure process transparency

The Billing solution has an apt reputation as an efficient invoicing and billing platform and DemandBlue adds more value to the solution with our implementation expertise. Coupled with our ERP integration services, we create transparency in your overall billing process by making information easily accessible to the customers.

Even as businesses push for an impactful experience across the billing process, they often struggle to find the right Salesforce implementation partner.

DemandBlue gets your billing implementation done the right way.

DemandBlue is a premier Salesforce implementation and consulting partner who understands how to help organizations with billing solutions that pull the most out of Salesforce Billing and ERP integrations. We have an expert team of certified Billing consultants who are keenly focused on delivering lead-to-revenue progress. Our Salesforce Billing services don’t just stop with implementation; we also allow you to:

      • Automate operations across your revenue generation workflow.
      • Deliver a diverse set of product pricing and bundling options.
      • Create processes and opportunities to generate accurate invoices within a few clicks.
      • Ensure robust approvals with the use of advanced tools and configuration.
      • Offer a 360-degree view of customer activity and data for your sales and finance sales operations.
      • Drive a consistent, guided selling functionality throughout the buying journey.
      • Cut down the resources required for multiple billing and accounts receivables.

What makes our billing implementation sturdier and more reliable across industries?

      • We synchronize each customer data set with Salesforce Billing for precise tracking.
      • We help create a custom self-portal platform for customers to track and manage billing and overall payments.
      • Our unique implementation methodology will ensure a hassle-free process that starts with solid planning and assessment and includes end-user training.
      • Our On Demand Services for Salesforce Billing promise an agile and scalable implementation.
      • Leverage our Pay-As-You-Use pricing model for cost-effective billing implementation.
      • We have wide industry experience handling Salesforce Billing implementations for businesses of all sizes.

Expand access to better billing and revenue growth opportunities.

Eliminate billing discrepancies and add more flexibility to your billing process with DemandBlue’s On Demand Services for Salesforce Billing. We help integrate Salesforce Billing with your Salesforce CPQ solution to automate sales, finance operations, and improve overall efficiency. Our expert team will collaborate with you to better understand your sales bottlenecks and recommend the best-fit solution.

With our end-to-end Salesforce Billing implementation, we minimize billing process complexities so you can improve revenue recognition and easily manage contracts. Unleash the capabilities of the Billing solution and convert leads to sales quickly with DemandBlue.

We are here to help you reimagine your billing process.

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