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DemandBlue Dreamforce 2021 Recap

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Wow! We can’t believe how magical Salesforce’s annual community conference was this year, in its highly innovative hybrid experience. DemandBlue was proud to be a silver sponsor of #DF21. Read our recap of our favorite 3 parts to the 3-day event.

Part 1: Learning

To start, let’s highlight the key focus of all Salesforce events, which were the sessions for our Trailblazers to learn and broaden their skillset. This year the plethora of sessions was featured on Salesforce+ (more on that in a moment). Team DemandBlue was front row to this year’s key sessions in-person and virtually. Read our recaps of these select sessions guaranteed to have you thinking all things #Salesforce!


Welcome to the Trusted Enterprise

Marc Benioff opened the grand event with his Dreamforce Main Show welcoming the Ohana to the Salesforce Trusted Enterprise. As a response to the “trust crisis,” Salesforce showcased how they build trust between the world and we as Trailblazers. Be in terms of the pandemic, sustainability, workforce, inequality synchronizing on trust is the way forward. How does this come into play, you say? Well, in true Salesforce fashion, building a Trusted Enterprise starts with alignment to their core values of Customer Success, Innovation, Equality, and their highest value, Trust. Now, with Salesforce, every business can transform to become a Trusted Enterprise built by Trailblazers. We can look forward to more Customer-first engagement, Digital HQs with Slack, Health & Safety, and Sustainability to match the huge change and current needs of our world. Ultimately together, Salesforce plans to strive forward not just as a business, as an economy of Trust!

Our Head of Nonprofit Arturo Ordoqui with Nonprofit Customer Success Manager Libby Zimelies grabbed their seats for Day 1 sessions at Dreampark in San Francisco. 

What isRevOps & why is it critical to your success

Salesforce announced their new Subscription Management platform and are currently looking to work with customers on a pilot for the new platform. 

The Subscription Management platform includes a RevOps dashboard, pricing playground to validate product pricing, price adjustment schedules as well as invoicing and billing. It also includes a subscription self-service portal to manage subscription products, make changes like upgrade, change, swap, cancel existing products, and request discounts. 

Subscription Management is fully integrated with Slack and allows quick quoting and Conga contract generation via mobile. The platform can generate one-time and on-going invoices, manage collections, and leverages Einstein Collections to determine the risks of late payments.

How to Use Salesforce CDP to Build Data-Driven Experiences

In this session with Salesforce’s Product Marketing Team shared best practices to personalize experiences, optimize marketing and activate AI-based insights with Salesforce CDP and Marketing Cloud. Let’s start with the metrics – it is quantified that:

  • 68% of customers expect brands to demonstrate empathy
  • 66% of customers expect brands to understand their needs and expectations

So how do we maximize the impact of every opportunity and build human connections? It was explained that it’s a process of knowing your audience, humanizing the experience, and optimizing the engagement. Recentering your business with customer needs is marketers’ best bet in demonstrating Salesforce CDP – a single source of truth about your customers to power your digital experiences.

With Salesforce CDP, you can:

  • Ingest and Harmonize Data from sales, service, marketing, commerce, and enterprise systems.
  • Construct Single Sources of Truth to unify and resolve customer data into a unified profile.
  • Segment and Understand groups of customer profiles with rich segments using first, second and third-party data.
  • Manage Consent by activity managing consumer and data rights with best-in-class privacy tools.
  • Activate Customer data to personalize every interaction across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Explore and visualize customer data and engagement across channels and clouds


Three New Rules Shaping the Future of Business

Companies need to move faster than ever in our digital-first world and modernize how they work with both intelligence and empathy. In this session, Al Jenkins of Salesforce, IBM Global Business Services, share the three rules every leader should embrace to build Salesforce and their business for a new era.

Rule #1: Modern Business requires modern ways of working. This competitive edge is built by using modern technology and the talent that drives it. Salesforce and their Trailblazers is a great example of providing world-class service to its customers while having a modern portfolio of technical products to continue expanding capabilities and supporting modern business customers.

Rule #2: Modern Business is an Intelligent Business. Workflows are processes to get the work done in business. However, Intelligent Workflows are productive, automated, agile, and transparent ways to expand it.  The more intelligent our business becomes, the better technology is infused in workflows to provide a competitive edge to users for years to come.

Rule #3: Modern Business builds Community. Talent and the unique value of an energized community are important for a modern business. To constantly expand the value for customers, building a community with diverse expertise allows our ecosystem to serve customers of all facets. Ecosystem-based community becomes critical for modern businesses’ adaptability to the everchanging landscape.

Adapting these three rules is the heart of strategy in transformation and sets the standards for future business.

Right Here, Right Now: The Power of Community

Salesforce.org, the tech for social impact center of Salesforce, kicked off their segments of Dreamforce to their community of thousands of global nonprofits, educators, and philanthropists with this keynote by their CEO, Rob Acker. With the theme and vision to create a movement dedicated to driving change around the world and the power of community – the keynote showcased quick segments of the various efforts for the ecosystem. Starting with Force Multiplier, a dedicated podcast recently launched by Saleforce.org to showcase where action meets impact in our community. Next, and the most pressing challenge of our world at this time, GAVI, the vaccine alliance procuring vaccines in bulk for lower-income countries, is driven through the COVAX platform build on Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. This multi-sector partnership platform allocates life-saving dosages to governments, with equitable distribution made possible by market sharing efforts. This collaborative platform brings together the community so that everyone is in the same direction to end this pandemic and rebuild lives.

Impactful voices from the community were amplified in closing the keynote, as leaders from nonprofits, education, to employment shared how in 2021, they led their organizations with resilience.

Artis Stevens, President & CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters, shared how creating equity in our community starts with access to opportunity. With Big Brothers Big Sisters, a leading youth mentorship nonprofit organization, Stevens has seen the power of mentorship.

Michael Drake, President, University of California, shared the importance of education connections in community as part of post-secondary education. Community experiences have transformed in the past 18 months for students and education and have brought about strong adaptation and resilience. Every day is a new opportunity and challenge to learn and adapt to new modes of education. 

Jacqueline Berry, Manager, Education Initiatives, 3M, see through K-12 STEM Education. The workforce and the employee experience in education have changed so much of how operations are run and how engagement occurs. The pandemic increased the sense of urgency, and adapting to virtual volunteering is a testament to adapting to the changing environment with our communities.

Secure Your Data on the World’s #1 Trusted Platform.

While business models have changed, security measures haven’t kept up. This session discusses how Salesforce is revolutionizing security and privacy tools in this digital-first world. Data privacy is becoming a discipline, and it’s over breaches have led to the exposure of millions of personally identifiable information. This has caused backward and stricter data privacy laws, such as GDPR and California CCPA, and privacy has taken higher priority for customers. Companies need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to privacy to safeguard themselves from grieving compliance laws, and especially hefty fines. To scale these efforts, companies and vendors need to continue focusing on educating all employees on the risks of social engineering of how they can actively take part in protecting the company’s data. Humana is tackling some of these efforts and what their vision and plans are for the future.

  • Three main principles for data security.
  • First, the principle of least privilege, all users are only given access to perform the required job at the time, and everything resets into it whenever we create a new environment.
  • Second, role-based access controls for us. Each user is tied to a role, which helps define what level of access is given across a variety of systems dashboards.
  • And lastly, differences. We believe in a multi-layered defense for protection versus a single-layer approach for us. Network protection is all essential components in our security landscape. And this is how it’s built into our multi-layer security strategy and approach.

Working with the right expertise, designing to scale securely, and empowering teams to work across multiple apps in a cloud environment with the right tools and guidelines to take it up a level. “One of our key corporate values is to pioneer simplicity. For the Humana team, that means leveraging platform capabilities to simplify implementation and create a more secure and resilient infrastructure. Security frameworks are always top of mind, just as it is to continuously pilot new tools, keep testing leverage all the data at our fingertips, and most importantly, continuously monitor and innovate across our entire infrastructure.”

Part 2: Community

We our Salesforce Ohana and couldn’t wait to get connecting with our community of clients, partners, and friends. We cherished this time to connect in-person and enjoyed thriving online with our virtual internet friends. Check out our socials to see the updates posted during the event.

Part 3: Innovation

Thanks for reading our recap, but the most innovative part of Dreamforce 2021 is that you, yes YOU can experience it all again, or for the first time, on Salesforce+. With Salesforce+ sessions, demos and keynotes are always available to view On Demand, talk about #SuccessAnywhere!

Check out these personalized playlists for your favorite focus of Salesforce:







Best of Show: 


– can’t pick what to watch? We totally recommend this list, the best of the best of #DF21. Team DemandBlue is looking forward to more learning, more community, and more innovation at Dreamforce 2022; keep in touch till then!

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