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DemandBlue Celebrates Women’s History Month

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DemandBlue Celebrates Women’s History Month

DemandBlue is proud to celebrate Women’s History Month to underscore our commitment to gender equality and diversity.

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

Businesses and communities thrive when they embrace Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) in their local, and in society in general. Women are an intrinsic part of DEI, and advances in women’s equality have had profound, lasting positive effects. Modern businesses require a diversified and inclusive workplace that serves equal opportunities for every gender. Organizations with DEI at their core tend to cultivate an innovative and supportive culture.

Reaching such a level of inclusion in the workplace demands commitment and understanding of why and how women transform businesses—to become more vibrant and effective. Commitment comes from both the top—where it originates—and the bottom, where the groundswell promulgates throughout the organization. The greater the buy-in from all participants, the greater the success. A succinct strategy and broad execution play a major role in the success of DEI programs.

“When an entire organization is committed and understands why and what we are doing to make the organization a DEI workplace, the execution of strategic plans will be smooth; participation is a critical factor in making any DEI plan successful. A DEI plan must involve people from all levels of the organization. It must originate from the top and promulgate from the bottom.”

Prasad Reddy
AVP-HR & IT, PreludeSys


DemandBlue stands on International Women’s Day 2022 campaign theme:  #BreakTheBias. Gender equality can be a reality when women employees take charge and demonstrate the talent and fortitude to stand as equals in business and society. We showcase the women of DemandBlue that have broken the bias and paved the way for others to follow. These are just a few of the many women employed within our organization.

Meet the women of DemandBlue

Amanda Hamaker

Amanda is one of our Salesforce Customer Success Managers who shines as a community organizer. With over a decade of nonprofit experience, she can help customers by making the Salesforce experience more manageable and engaging.

Job Role

Amanda is one of our Customer Success Managers with vast experience in the nonprofit space. She ensures that clients get the best out of our services, whether it is successful Salesforce implementation, migration, or customizations, to guarantee them consistent success with Salesforce.

Amanda’s views on WHM:

“It’s never too late to be a woman in tech. The DemandBlue leadership team and my colleagues have supported my late career change, understanding my steep learning curve to ensure my growth and success in the Salesforce universe.”

Bharathi Chinnapparaj

Bharathi is a CRM specialist who constantly explores innovative and optimal solutions. She believes a focused leader must give back to society in any way possible. As a mom and professional counselor, she ensures everybody around her enjoys an excellent work-life balance.

Job Role

As a program manager, Bharathi has led many showcase projects of DemandBlue and forged them into excellent Salesforce solutions that explicitly address clients’ needs. We consider Bharathi one of the most impactful leaders of DemandBlue, who has devoted her time to the company and community.

As a woman in the workplace, how do you Break the Bias?


Bharathi’s Thoughts

“An inclusive environment paves the way for enhanced performance and more creative outcomes. Retiring stereotypes is long overdue especially when conventional working models have evolved into more innovative and automation-oriented ones. This calls for including women in all work roles, not just specific skilled areas.

Every voice matters: Open the room for common ideation where women’s opinions are heard and valued. Women in tech bring immense value to solutions and design, as they can add values from different dimensions, considering factors that might get skipped if the doors aren’t open. There should be zero tolerance to gender-based discrimination at work and public suppression of woman’s opinions.”

Carmen Savage

Carmen is a Salesforce enthusiast with a proven sales record in the Higher Ed vertical, the reason why we call her “Professor” Carmen. Her business development mindset is always at work as she postulates how to transform your Salesforce to deliver better results!

Job Role

Carmen is one of our treasured Account Executives. She manages accounts and acts as a bridge between the clients and our customer success team. Carmen has handled the accounts of some of our long-lasting customers.

Carmen’s views on WHM

“Why is Women’s History Month important to me? Because too often, our contributions are overlooked. We bring compassion, encouragement, and new ideas. We lead from behind, and we do it with elegance.”

Hemlata Nair Prabhakaran

Hemlata is a hard-working woman with attributes that make her stand out in the cloud. She is a perfectionist who carefully lays down every piece of the puzzle and ensures victory at any cost—a true asset to the company. Hemlata is an inspiring mentor figure that has guided young talent and helped her team members at every step, exemplifying the essence of a true leader.

Job Role

As a senior inside sales rep, Hemlata serves as the backbone of her team and goes beyond her goals to achieve that extra mile for DemandBlue. Hemlata has helped us close deals with some of the biggest industry leaders and earned DemandBlue a name among the pioneers.

Why is Women’s History Month important to you?

Hemlata’s Answer

“Women’s History Month is important because it helps acknowledge and appreciate women’s progress historically and presently in the workplace. By understanding and acknowledging the accomplishments of women in all fields, employers, employees, and co-workers can break down gender barriers and empower future generations of women.”

Kalaiarasi Selvam

Kalai is a mother, marketeer, and rationalist. She sets a prime example of a perfect work-life balance which complements her lifestyle. Kalai is an active member of a women empowerment community. Her thoughts on gender equality and the need for an inclusive workplace set her apart. Her relentless attitude and unwavering passion for excellence inspire us every day.

Job Role

Kalai takes the end-to-end accountability for every marketing activity at DemandBlue. She carries the weight of the entire team and leads every campaign toward astonishing results that lift the bar of expectations every time.

How DemandBlue values women?

Kalai’s Views

“My journey with DemandBlue is just a year old, but I already admire how they treat women employees in the organization. Being in a corporate world where gender equality in the workplace is often a topic of debate, I’m lucky enough to be in an organization that values and respects women employees’ contributions. A testament to this is the inclusive culture and the constant support from the organization, which drives us to travel the extra mile in achieving the impossible. Be it the growth opportunities or recognition. The organization ensures women employees are always on the same scale as men. An example of this is the representation of women in managerial positions – a group of passionate and determined women employees steers the ship at PreludeSys.

Monika Srinivasan

Monika is an unstoppable force with a focus on people and a charming personality that pleases everyone, but with an eye toward group success. Recently, she picked up music as her new center of interest and has excelled in it—as she does with most things.

Job Role

Nothing can stop Monika from fulfilling her team’s target. She is an extra miler who goes beyond her comfort zone to help her team land the perfect score every time she walks the floor. Monika’s hard work allows DemandBlue to run marketing and sales as a senior lead generation executive.

Why is History Month important to you?

Monika’s View

“It is the month to celebrate women and their sacrifices and contributions to the world. It is about understanding the women leaders and showcasing their strength to let other women know what they are capable of and motivating the future generation to open up in the world.”

Parul Nagpal

Parul is known for her wacky sense of humor, quirky signature laughter, and radiant smile that can light up the entire state of California. With her exceptional Salesforce knowledge and insight, she ensures that our customers’ ROI on Salesforce investment exceeds all expectations.

Job Role

Parul drives DemandBlue’s Customer Sucess team and coordinates with project managers to develop streamlined strategies that ensure the best customer experience. Her top priority is the success of our customers and helping them win the deal.

Parul’s views on WHM

As a woman in technology, what words of wisdom do you have for women who enter this demanding environment? “Be diligent, thorough, and persistent in whatever you take up. Never miss a chance to learn. It’s important to chalk out a career path for yourself and have a strategy for how you will achieve your goals. Compete with yourself; everyone has their own pace. Ultimately your work should give you satisfaction and a sense of achievement.”

Shivashankari Karthikeyan

Shivashankari has always been a curious person with love for technology and Salesforce. Fresh out of college, Shivashankari has strong selling talents and great potential, which she puts to use whenever the duty calls.

Job Role

Shivashankari has earned the position of a software developer with an obvious display of endless potential as a problem-solving engineer. Her innovative solutions enhance Salesforce products and always fulfill clients’ expectations, making her the youngest rising star of DemandBlue.

As a woman in tech, what is a word of wisdom you would like to share?

Shivashankari’s Perspective:

“I was out of college, and I joined the organization within fifteen days. Coincidently my first manager was a woman named “Pavitra.” It was because of her that I could work independently and whatever I can deliver today, the credit goes to her. I want to tell the junior resources that not everybody knows everything. It’s ok if we don’t know something but have the hunger to learn new things. In the technical field, you will meet daily challenges. Face those challenges and all the effort you put in will be worthwhile in the end.”

Sonal Pise

Sonal is a passionate woman with boundless enthusiasm for Salesforce. Her favorite book is “Vanish Into Thin Air.” Customers feel all their Salesforce challenges vanish into thin air when she attends to them.

Job Role

Sonal is an active and one of the most valuable members of our Customer Success Executive team. She handles expectations and challenges with all her wits to satisfy customers and win their trust for endless opportunities.

Sonal’s views on WHM

“A lot of history about women goes unnoticed, unrecognized, undocumented. Women are changing the lives of generations. Women adjust their careers for family life. Being a working parent, it’s my pleasure to be a part of the team that respects women who continue to juggle their many responsibilities…..”

We stand for Gender Equality. We stand for Women.

DemandBlue has always encouraged and endorsed women and their active participation. We promote and practice gender equality at every level of our company. We are fortunate as an organization to work with such great women leaders and co-workers who have carried the weight of the company on their shoulders to push us forward.

We try to keep DemandBlue as women-friendly as possible. We support the #BringWomenBackToWork Campaign and stand for those in need all the time. In fact, DemandBlue has reserved a few positions specifically for women candidates as we believe in growing the women employees of our organization and achieving diversity.

We take this opportunity to thank all the women employees of DemandBlue for their hard work and continuous selfless efforts. It is our oath to break the bias for a better future together.

Once again, DemandBlue wishes everyone a Happy Women’s History Month.

Looking for an organization to grow yourself in a diverse workplace? Come on in, join us for an excellent career opportunity!

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