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DemandBlue Announces Revenue Cloud Accelerator Program during Dreamforce 2021

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Blog

Dreamforce 2021 is here, and DemandBlue is super thrilled to meet you all in person and/or virtually at the biggest tech event of the year. With lots of fun, learning, and innovation, the three-day showcase is back this year with more promise. As a proud Silver Sponsor of Dreamforce 2021, we are looking forward to making this event a memorable one both for us and our customers.  Dreamforce plays an important part in DemandBlue’s continuous engagement strategy. Beyond just being a part of the event, we connect with key prospects and guide them in solving their business bottlenecks with our customized Salesforce solutions.

Our business analysis and the research team had identified Revenue Cloud implementation and customization as a major challenge facing today’s Salesforce customers. So, as we gear up for the Dreamforce 2021 event, to solve these challenges, DemandBlue will be rolling out our Revenue Cloud Accelerator Program to coincide with the Dreamforce 2021 event.

Why Revenue Cloud?

The pandemic’s impact on the business landscape has transformed the B2B customer experience. Disrupted operational models and stalled sales cycles are haunting businesses worldwide. As companies are struggling to close new deals, forecasting consistent revenue growth has become a huge challenge. On the other hand, some businesses have found it harder to meet the unprecedented demand for their products overnight. Thus, taking a toll on both ends, the pandemic’s impact has forced businesses to opt for flexible and scalable solutions to streamline their revenue cycle and enhance ROI.

And that is where Salesforce’s Revenue Cloud helps!

Overview of Salesforce Revenue Cloud

If you are looking for solutions like CPQ, Billing, PRM, B2B Commerce, or a customer portal, then Salesforce Revenue Cloud would be the obvious choice! Being a part of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, Salesforce Revenue Cloud enables you to connect sales, partner, finance, and operations teams together under one roof for better efficiency and operational transparency.

In addition, the Revenue Cloud helps in streamlining your revenue growth across multiple sales channels with ease. From automating your quote process, streamlining your billing to frictionless B2B buying experience, the need of the hour is simplified sales cycles that improve the conversion rates. Revenue Cloud delivers all these with utmost efficiency.

The Benefits of Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Revenue Cloud could well be the solution for businesses struggling to streamline their sales cycles and close deals faster. By leveraging the capabilities of Revenue Cloud, companies shall focus more on improving their customer experience and worry less about their sales and revenue cycles. From transforming customer buying experiences to accelerating revenue growth, revenue cloud implementation could certainly uplift your business model.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider moving to Revenue Cloud.

Offer customers a great buying experience

With Salesforce Revenue Cloud, you can promise personalized journeys and an enhanced customer lifecycle management to offer your customers a hassle-free buying experience. With the help of Revenue Cloud, you could easily customize your sales cycle to meet the fluctuating market demands without disrupting your regular business operations.

Accelerate new revenue streams

Generating new revenue streams has always been an arduous task for the sales and marketing teams. But, with the capabilities of Revenue Cloud, you can easily set up growth strategies and create new revenue streams. The multi-cloud billing feature enables you to build and manage revenue streams across clouds under one single platform. Be it launching a subscription product or creating a custom pricing model, Revenue Cloud’s flexible workflow management systems help you achieve this with ease.

Improve operational efficiency

Doesn’t the manual workflow of process approvals, data reconciliation, and order transcriptions tire you out? It’s high time you switch to process automation with Salesforce Revenue Cloud. From real-time tracking of customer lifecycle management to automating recurrent tasks and billing processes – leveraging Revenue cloud helps reduce the operational errors, saves time, and lets you focus more on improving the sales cycle.

Revenue Cloud Accelerators – Sneak Peek

This Fall, we will be rolling out our new Revenue Cloud Accelerator Program and want to give you a quick overview of what will be included. We have created two packages that are designed to get you up and running on Salesforce CPQ.

Salesforce CPQ Quickstart

Our CPQ Quickstart offering is a fixed scope & timeline packages that ensure you get up and running quickly with CPQ. We will ensure your products & pricing are structured correctly, and we will provide a roadmap for future initiatives as your team beings to leverage the standard CPQ features.

SaaS CPQ  Accelerator

Our SaaS CPQ Accelerator is designed to help Software As A Service companies get up and running quickly, leveraging the standard subscription product features in Salesforce CPQ. We will also help you create an amendment and contract process for managing changes in clients subscription services.

Add-On Services

In addition to our two Accelerator offerings, we will provide an ala-cart menu of add-on services that include tax packages, advanced approvals, guided selling, ERP integration and more.

Are you interested in knowing more about our Revenue Cloud Offerings? Then, connect with our Customer Success Team virtually at Dreamforce 2021 & know what’s in store for you.

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