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DemandBlue announces its partnership with Talkdesk

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We are excited to announce DemandBlue’s new partnership with Talkdesk. Talkdesk CX CloudTM is a cloud contact center platform that integrates Salesforce Service Cloud’s Customer 360 view with its voice communications to help you deliver a superior customer experience. Users no longer need to switch between windows, and it provides a single solution for voice communications and customer data. The partnership will work together on the Service Cloud Voice offering and deliver our On Demand services for Service Cloud.


Key abilities of Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice

Fully embedded within Salesforce

Talkdesk gets the most out of your Salesforce CRM by helping you service all customer interactions while maintaining a consistent customer experience. This is achieved with an omni-channel phone widget that can manage calls and customer data side by side with digital conversations.

Easy tool accessibility

Talkdesk provides you with all the call controls within Salesforce’s omni-channel widget, so your agents do not have to keep switching panels in the middle of a call. The widget also gives direct access to your Salesforce CRM’s customer data to provide your agents with the right information to quickly assist your customers. It provides support for smooth, warm transfers between your agents, call recordings, and outbound and inbound use cases to provide a full-fledged customer service solution.

Optimize the customer journey

Talkdesk enhances the client’s customer journey because of its ability to better understand their customers’ choices; agents can deliver a much-improved personalized experience. The optimized customer interaction with Salesforce’s customer 360-degree view coupled with a complete view of comprehensive call oversight, live transcriptions, and call recording storage brings the customer experience to a new level. Talkdesk also streamlines onboarding, enhances post-call coaching and quality management.

Global reach and coverage

One of the most prominent benefits of the Talkdesk services is the consistent and robust call connectivity. Maintaining a reliable network connection during a customer service call is vital for maximum customer satisfaction. The Talkdesk Global Carrier Network supports keeping your agents virtually online and present to serve your customers 24/7.

Key features of Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice:

      • Call controls within Salesforce’s embedded phone widget
      • Warm transfers between agents
      • Standard outbound and inbound use cases
      • Call recording and storage
      • Live call transcriptions

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DemandBlue provides Salesforce consulting services that include Salesforce implementation, development, customization, integrations, and admin support. DemandBlue’s commitment to providing the best possible services to its customers is reflected by its in-house pool of resources with 405 current Salesforce certifications earned by 84 DemandBlue employees. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, DemandBlue has grown its On Demand Service model to be a leading Salesforce Consulting Partner with over 252 projects and a 4.9 rating on Salesforce AppExchange.

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