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A brief guide to set up your Custom Domain for Salesforce Community Cloud

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Blog, Experience Cloud

There are a handful of ways to setup a custom domain in . But before you get there, setting up your domain name is considered one of the most basic requirements for running a server hosting. By having a specific domain name, your server can shape shift to serve the purpose you want. It can be used to run databases, Sales, Marketing , or even the Community .

Community can be smoothly optimized and regulated by a simple custom domain. It can be used to host your Community that connects you to all your employees and customers. And for that, all you need to do is set up your Custom Domain for Community Cloud (renamed as Experience Cloud).

Let DemandBlue take you through the simple steps that are involved in setting up your custom domain for Community

5 Rudimentary steps to start your Custom Domain for Community

1. Creating CNAME entry

The DNS server needs to be updated so they can point requests for your specific Community name. It can be done by entering a CNAME record in your DNS server. The CNAME is a pointer that tells everyone where to look for your community server and points toward your Community server’s address.

Creating CNAME in

2. Adding domain information

After picking a domain name for your Community server, you need to fill in the Domain’s details. These details can constitute of minute details, and continue filling them as you go by:

Click Setup -> Under “Administrator,” click Domain Management | click Domains -> then select Add a Domain to enter a domain name.

If you are facing any error, then entering CNAME is probably not finished.

3. Creating an SSL Certificate for your Domain

It is highly recommended to secure your Community server. Securing your hosting can be done by creating an SSL certificate to help google and other sources trust your server’s validity and secure your server. The user needs to select the HTTPS option from C panel to add the SSL certificate and might need to work with your IT department to get a CA-signed SSL certificate for a new community domain.

4. Setting up for Force.com 

Setting Force.com is rudimentary to operate your server.

Here is how you can start with Force.com:

Setting up for Force.com

  • In your Org, click on Setup.
  • click Domain Management and go to Domains.
  • Click on the Domain that you added.
  • Then select a New Custom URL for the Domain. You can redirect to the Custom URL screen.
  • For the field Site, click the lookup icon to select the Site that you want to map to your custom domain.
  • For the field Path, enter the directory name if you want to have a subdomain with your custom domain.

5. Activating Domain

Finally, activate your custom Domain for the Community server after checking the provisioning for your custom domain, which might take up to 10 minutes.

Activate your custom Domain for the Community

Get an early start with a custom Domain for Community

Custom Domain for Community , helps your Community server to run seamlessly and satisfies your customers with a connected experience. All you need to do to get started with a custom domain is, setup your community port, and deploy!

To learn more about Custom Domain deployment for Community, Talk to our experts today!

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