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CPQ for Manufacturing Industries – Amplify your Revenue and Sales

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Blog, SF CPQ

Manufacturing is a business model that is heavily layered with process, supply chain logic, sequential yet integrated activities, external and internal inputs such as sales inventory, and distribution data. In short—enormous complexity. A manufacturing company that continues to rely on a manual process and spreadsheets can expect error-prone operations and added costs. Quoting and pricing are among the most necessary elements of automation and system integration. So-called traditional methods will not do the job.

A CPQ solution for manufacturing improves the quote and proposal process for every business unit in manufacturing, irrespective of B2B and B2C services. Moreover, a CPQ solution doesn’t just stop with enhancing quoting processes. It also streamlines the sales cycle and wipes out data silos throughout the invoicing processes.    

Salient reasons why your manufacturing business needs a CPQ solution?

    • Your spreadsheet data is too complex to handle or slows down the daily tasks. 
    • Your sales or finance team can’t deliver accurate quotes to prospects.
    • Your sales team is unable to up-sell or cross-sell products. 
    • Legacy processes and policies restrict the revenue potential.
    • Your business is experiencing severe warranty claims for products and services.

Implement a scalable CPQ solution to amplify your manufacturing business’ revenue and sales 

Most business leaders in the manufacturing sector have this question in their minds: Is it possible to enhance operations and improve ROI with CPQ implementation? And the answer is “yes.”

A recent statistic showed that a manufacturing company that has adopted Salesforce CPQ experiences results beyond expectations. The example is a large enterprise manufacturing company that reported a 95% reduction in approval times, which resulted in a 10X improvement in quote processing. Implement a best-in-class Salesforce CPQ when you partner with a Salesforce certified consulting partner such as DemandBlue; transform your business operations and improve revenue growth.

Ideal benefits of DemandBlue’s CPQ solution for the manufacturing industry

Empower the value chain in manufacturing

An aligned CPQ implementation for manufacturing solves multiple complexities across modules such as pricing, discounts, configurations, quote generation, and more. DemandBlue’s CPQ implementation for manufacturing helps to transfigure and streamline the sales cycle across each model, such as:

    • Configure to Order (CTO) and Assemble to Order (ATO) – products or items are assembled and configured as per the consumer or customers’ requirements.
    • An Engineer to Order (ETO) model ensures that the manufacturers’ design and engineered components are based on customers’ order requirements.  
    • Deliver user-centric product configuration for critical lead-to-quote-to-order transformations. 

CPQ for manufacturing helps in various ways: 

    • Help close more deals, magnify key performance indicators, and improve primary business values.
    • Create opportunities to upsell or cross-sell services and products.
    • Reduce the quoting errors and shorten the prospect buying cycle.
    • Improve the renewal rate, customer retention, and overall lead conversion rate. 
    • Generate complex quotes quickly.
    • Spend less time on proposal development.

While manufacturing companies desire to sell faster, organizations need to have a detailed understanding of the capabilities of CPQ before implementing them. The CPQ offering for manufacturing has to be agile, intelligent, automated, and all the data processes should happen within a cloud framework.


DemandBlue’s Salesforce CPQ offering for Manufacturing involves an agile methodology where the implementation and demonstration of functionalities are analyzed and tested at regular intervals for best practice and decision-making.

CPQ automates every operation 

From product configuration to quote generation, every process is faster and enhanced with Salesforce CPQ. With CPQ automation, DemandBlue ensures seamless operations that transform user experience and productivity.

Cloud-native experience

Because the CPQ solution is all cloud-based, there is zero investment in infrastructure and maintenance, so the support and administrative teams can focus elsewhere. 

Increased accuracy

DemandBlue’s CPQ offering for manufacturing lets sales reps quickly create error-free quotes. It ensures the pricing tiers, subscriptions, and discounts are always accurate, and the approval process is completely automated. It generates a quote document that includes all supporting collateral and is integrated with a partners’ eSignature.

Why DemandBlue’s ODS model for your CPQ implementation?

    • DemandBlue features their signature On Demand Service (ODS) for CPQ implementation with an accelerated time to market.
    • Our ODS model is rapid and cost effective as it includes the Pay-As-You-Use pricing model; you pay only for the hours consumed.
    • DemandBlue’s ODS model offers flexibility to scale resources and infrastructure based on fluctuating business needs. 
    • The total cost of ownership (TCO) is 50%  lower than all other pricing options in the market.

DemandBlue’s custom Salesforce CPQ solution for manufacturing drives more businesses, automates quotes, and magnifies user experience.

A generic CPQ solution may not work for customers who have very intricate specifications. It is essential to understand industry-specific parameters to offer the best product recommendations based on customer order specifications (COS). A customized solution such as Salesforce CPQ for manufacturing provides helps enhance the selling processes and streamlines the operational model. 

A certified and experienced Salesforce partner like DemandBlue is the best choice to implement Salesforce CPQ for your manufacturing business. We implement and customize perfect CPQ solutions to shorten your lead-to-order time and provide your customers with a truly self-service digital experience.

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