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COVID 19 Salesforce Resources

These are unsettling and challenging times for all of us as we see ourselves battling an invisible force. Whenever there is a discussion on apocalypse, the key instigators would invariably be nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, or alien attacks. But out of nowhere, this Coronavirus pandemic has sneaked in unannounced and crippled the world within a 3-month span. There is still a lot of uncertainty about how this situation will pan out. One thing we can be all be sure of is that when humans unite and fight as one, there is no force that can stop us.

We will prevail

It’s only a matter of time before we stop the spread of disease, invent a cure, and develop a vaccine for COVID-19. Until then, it is our responsibility to do our bit in this war against a deadly virus. While the healthcare professionals, police, military, and those managing social welfare, public works, and essential commodities fight it out on the ground, we need to support them by staying home as much as possible, maintaining social distance, and strictly following the hygiene protocol advocated by the authorities.

Stay positive

This time of crisis has also turned our routine and schedules upside down. Business travels, family vacations, field projects, schools, colleges, and even the simple matter of commuting to work have come to a dead stop. While work from home may be a familiar term to some professionals, a majority of us are trying to adapt to this new mode of working that COVID-19 has forced us into. We are quickly trying to adapt to remote conferencing and alternate communication channels with Salesforce Resources. This is also a time when we need to channel our energy into positive channels like spending quality time with family or learn something new.

A lot of organizations have come forward and are offering a lot of resources to help us overcome this challenge thrown at us. We have tried to compile a list of these Salesforce resources & COVID-19 resources that we are sure would be of use to you, your family, and friends…


  • Collaboration tool: One of the many COVID-19 Salesforce resources is Quip starter pack that is available for free through September 30, 2020[Learn more]
  • Learning: A 1-day instructor-led certification training available for many Salesforce resource certifications along with a $70 discount on the certification exams. [Learn more]
  • Salesforce Care Response Solution free for 6 months for care management, emergency response teams, and call centers of healthcare companies. This solution includes Health Cloud, Community Cloud, Shield, and my Trailhead. [Learn more]
  • Trusted Coronavirus (COVID-19) data resource to help organizations see and understand coronavirus data in near real-time, using case data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. [Learn more]


Veeva is offering a web-based video and content sharing platform designed for the unique needs of life science companies for free for 6 months that will help you communicate better without the hazard of facing COVID-19. [Learn more]


Conga is offering its Conga Sign for Salesforce absolutely free to any Nonprofit that is not a current Conga Sign customer.  This offer is valid through Sep 30, 2020 (

Resource from ATLASSIAN

Atlassian offers its collaboration suite of clod tools totally free small teams achieve big during this time (


To help teachers, parents, learners, and the global community deal with these challenging times and changing learning and working environments, UNESCO MGIEP has developed a ready reckoner of helpful free COVID-19 resources in Social and Emotional (SEL). [Learn more]


Forbes has come out with its own list of useful free COVID-19 resources to help to learn at this time. [Learn More]


The Journal has also compiled its own database of useful free COVID-19 resources for schools to enable online learning. [Learn More]

With business dynamics in flux due to the pandemic, all of us at DemandBlue would like to extend our support to you through our On Demand Services model for Salesforce. Our ODS model allows your organization to continue moving your Salesforce initiatives forward at a Lower Cost, Remotely, and on a Pay-As-You-Use basis. For more information, Talk to us now!

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