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Salesforce Community Cloud: Top 10 New features of Summer ’20 Release

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Blog, SF Release Features

Bonjour à tous! What a wonderful time of the year. With the sun shining brightly down, you want to forget everything happening around you and hope things would be back to its pre-COVID. Keeping things sunny, here we are continuing with our Salesforce Community Cloud Summer ’20 release review. This blog is the third installment of our series, and it is time to look at the top features that would completely change the way Community Cloud is viewed.

Here are ten of the most useful features of Salesforce Community Cloud Summer ’20 features

Override Standard Actions in Lightning Communities

The very first feature of Salesforce Community Cloud Summer ’20 will make you shake off the old and in with the new. This means you can personalize your communities’ user experience by adding a custom Lightning component to replace standard forms whenever users click the New or Edit button and use the action overrides whenever your community and the portal users require a more customized user experience than what the Salesforce standard page provides.

Salesforce Community Cloud Summer '20 features


Personalizing Menus and CMS Collections

Elevating the user experience to the next level – Previously, you could only personalize page variations, branding sets, and components. But, with this new feature, now you can determine the components that a user can see, and also what details they can see within a component. You can now personalize the navigation menu, tile menu variations, and CMS collections with all the components.

Salesforce Community Cloud Summer '20 features


Generate Sitemaps for Your Community Pages

We bet, with the new Salesforce Community Cloud Summer ’20 update, managing your community pages sitemap will be so much easier. In Experience Builder, navigation of SEO tab in settings and click the Generate Sitemap button, and it’s easy to generate an SEO sitemap for your community out of the automatic site map generation process. It’s easy to initiate the manual refresh for your sitemap once in every 24 hours. This sitemap will automatically refresh once every in Sunday, while the site, along with all-new included pages, is refreshed once every 24 hours.

Salesforce Community Cloud Summer '20 features


Experience Bundle Supports Theme Layout Properties

Here comes one more exciting feature of the Salesforce Community Cloud Summer ’20, the Experience Bundle, which includes theme layout properties that are retrieved and have now gotten easier than ever to update your Lightning communities programmatically. In Experience Builder, each theme layout includes several properties that let you configure the layout, such as hiding the header and navigation or setting the maximum page width.

Salesforce Community Cloud Summer '20 features

Salesforce Community Cloud Summer '20 features


Build Fast and Efficient with the LWC-Based Template

Use the latest Build Your Own template for developing communities that load quickly and scale well. Based on these Lightning Web Components, a new programming model can be made that delivers an exceptional performance with a fully customized lightweight template supporting LWC solutions. These features are now available in the pilot, including some other changes since the developer release.

Salesforce Community Cloud Summer '20 features


Enable Multi-Level Navigation in Your Community

Are you planning to make your user experience livelier and more efficient? Use the new Multi-Level Navigation Menu component to apply a fresh look and feel to community navigation.

Salesforce Community Cloud Summer '20 features


The New User Profile Menu Component that brings flexibility

Get the new user profile menu component that is available in Lightning communities – using these B2B templates or specific themes, including Ember, Stella, Webster, Citizen, Cypress, and Jepson. So, now you can choose to show the user’s company logo and name by configuring the menu items and personalization.

Salesforce Community Cloud Summer '20 features



Allow Guest Users Only Create and Read Permissions on Standard and Custom Objects

Organizations created in Summer ’20 and beyond will now only have to create and read permissions on standard and custom objects for guest users.

If your organization was created before the Salesforce Community Cloud Summer ’20 release, and you do have Modify All Data, View All Data, update, or delete permissions on any object for a guest user, you will be notified by a Security Alert to make the necessary changes to your organization. Whereas, we’re choosing to remove the View All Data, Modify All Data, update, or delete permissions on custom objects for guest users in the organizations which were created before the Summer ’20 release if they’ve never been enabled.


Guest Users Can’t Be Assigned as Owners of Already Existing Records

This is a quiet, unexpected feature of this release. Previously, guest users couldn’t be assigned as owners of newly created records. Whereas now, the guest users can’t be assigned as owners of records already existing in the organization.


Share Data with Partners via External Account Hierarchies

This feature comes as a savior, now you can share the data with the External account hierarchies, which reduces the complexity of data sharing. Now partners and customers can easily share data with other external accounts in their hierarchy. (Available for partner and customer users only)

Enable external account hierarchies in Communities Settings.

After you enable the preference, the External Account Hierarchy object is available in your org.

Voilà, that wraps it up for our favorite top 10 features from the Salesforce Community Cloud Summer ’20 release for Community Cloud. We hope you liked our list. If we missed out on any of your favorite picks for the season, please let us know in the comment section below. We are looking forward to your feedback. Meanwhile, stay tuned for further updates.


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