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With the ever-expanding customer expectations, companies strive to stay ahead of the competition through unique customer engagement strategies. It is imperative that organizations go Omni-channel to provide seamless customer experiences at every touchpoint. DemandBlue’s Community Cloud consulting strategy is aimed at providing an easy to use interface to improve customer interactions. Salesforce Community Cloud connects contacts across the project lifecycle so they can share valuable data and learn from each other as they interact with your brand. Whether you design a community around professional affiliation or personal interest, uniting those with similar interests helps resolve issues more quickly.

DemandBlue’s consulting strategy works towards leveraging the Community Cloud capabilities to encourage interaction and teamwork to build strategic relationships and boost brand loyalty.

Force.com Platform

The Force.com platform that is packaged alongside your Salesforce CRM, the Force.com platform gives your infinite opportunities for growth. You can build and launch any custom application using this platform. How you transform app development using Force.com platform can be the key differentiator between you and your competitor. DemandBlue offers an array of holistic Community Cloud consulting services that create endless possibilities for Automation. Some of the custom apps that can be easily built on this platform includes but is not limited to the following –

Recruiting App
Hire top talent by automating and tracking every interaction, interview stage, and follow-up.
Deliveries App
Turn drivers into sales and service heroes who deliver on time.
Inspection App
Log and verify inspections on a mobile phone; report on inspections instantly.
Employee Onboarding App
Recruit, train, and manage new hires faster than ever, turning hires to profits sooner.

Budgeting App
Manage budget approvals and expenses down to the last penny.
Inventory App
Maximize revenue by managing the day’s inventory on hand with total transparency.
Projects App
Manage key projects with a few clicks.
Contracts App
Manage all of a company’s contracts in a single app, accessible anywhere.

Social Intranet App
Connect employees with critical information across any device in a social network.
Clienteling App
Connect store associates to their customers; give them a 360-degree view of customers.

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Leadership Consulting

The client is a premier provider of leadership consulting and senior-level executive search services.
Salesforce: Community Cloud
Technologies: Force.com, Apex, Visualforce, Test Class Development, Data Migration, Batch Apex
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Case Study

Properties Management

Our client is a leading premium residential and commercial properties management company in U.S
Salesforce: Community Cloud
Technologies: Force.com, Apex, Visualforce, Website Development
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