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We are living in uncertain times, experiencing and uncovering the unkown, navigating unfamiliar terrain. In good times, leveraging strategic technology investments is a work in progress. In uncertain times, it is a game changer with high stakes. In good times, you focus on making the lights shine brighter. In uncertain times, it is about keeping the lights on every single day. No technology investment, no process you built over the years, no single software you paid for was built for the new world order we find ourselves in. Resilience and rapid response are essential to thrive.

At DemandBlue, we partner with the best in the industry who, like us, believe that technology is the way forward. We work as a team with our partners to propel the business goals of our customers.

We are not going to bombard you with “10 productivity tips to survive the pandemic” (we know you receive enough of them). Nor do we claim to know all the answers. There is no crystal ball. But what we do have is years of experience in working with the CRM you know and love, Salesforce, and amazing partners; like CodeScan, who share our vision.

Getting the most out of your CRM or ensuring the best code quality needn’t be expensive - or all that tough. DemandBlue’s Salesforce solution experts utilized the code expertise of CodeScan to peel away some coding cobwebs and power up the Salesforce instance of our customers.

Here are some of the recent successes our customers had through CodeScan.

We recently helped a leading service solution provider, with a presence in the USA and Canada, drive up the performance of their Salesforce instance. They were having a number of intermittent issues which was not reproducible and impacted their user’s experience and productivity. We recommended CodeScan as a solution to our client. The initial analysis bubbled up several pertinent coding issues. There were multiple triggers that performed the same operation, along with duplicated blocks of code. Working within an accelerated time frame, our team of Salesforce experts identified key issues that had to be resolved. Together, CodeScan and DemandBlue, delivered the service solution provider a clean set of robust code.

A major NGO was hamstrung with multiple system issues. A CodeScan check and drill down on specific classes brought to the surface several critical coding issues. Our team responded quickly, mitigating risks on their application and systematically eradicating code errors.

Recently, DemandBlue re-energized the processes of an energy and commodities major by performing a thorough code review. CodeScan enabled our team to identify critical and severe coding issues. We identified key risk segments and resolved them in an accelerated time frame.

We believe that...

Every problem is an opportunity to grow further. Technology should enable business progress and not get in the way of it. Maximizing the return on your Salesforce investment and customizing your CRM to meet specific business objectives shouldn’t be all that hard. We are problem-solvers. CodeScan is a problem solver. And we empower each other in our quest to provide you the best solutions.

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