Top 4 Considerations in Choosing your Salesforce CPQ Partner

Salesforce CPQ Partner

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to implement Salesforce CPQ! Now comes the challenging task of choosing the right Salesforce CPQ partner to help fulfill your vision for generating quick and accurate sales quotes. In many ways, choosing the Salesforce solution was the easy part—choosing the right Salesforce CPQ partner is the trickier one.rThe following are some of the key questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a Salesforce CPQ partner for your organization.

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1. Increase Speed

Check that your Salesforce CPQ partner can deliver solutions that will accelerate the agility of your quoting process. For instance, with respect to your organization,

  • How quickly can a representative respond to an initial inquiry from a customer?
  • What will be the speed to market for incorporating changes in real-time throughout the deal cycle?
  • How many touch-points does your sales team need in order to work through any transaction?
  • How much automation do you need in your approval process? Will every quote need to be approved? What will be your % of no-touch/low-touch quotes?
  • What will be your Quote to Order booked cycle time?

2. Eliminate Errors and Prepare Accurate Quotes

  • Pricing Errors have a very negative impact. If undetected, an overpriced product can mean a lost sale, while an underpriced product can mean selling at a loss.
  • Product Configuration Errors: Cost of a configuration error can have impacts such as having to build, ship or install the product again. However, this has a greater impact in terms of rebuilding trust and redeeming your image as a provider of quality products. Ensure that the new implementation done by your Salesforce CPQ partner significantly helps reduce the error rate.

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3. Drive Organizational Efficiency

  • Will the new Salesforce CPQ instance improve the overall organizational efficiency? What will be your Release-to-Market timelines?
  • What will be the cost of introducing a new product or a new offering?
  • How much time/effort is needed to release a new pricing? Can you respond quickly to changes in the competitive landscape?
  • How fast can you respond to changes in Sales Management and hierarchy?

4. Maximize Deal Size and Boost ROI with the Right Salesforce CPQ Partner

  • Can you see improvements in Margin?
  • What will be the cost to place and fulfill an order?
  • Last but certainly not the least, what will be the incremental revenue generated after the implementation of a Salesforce CPQ tool?

To establish a successful Salesforce CPQ implementation, it is key to define appropriate metrics and choose an ideal partner who can deliver on those metrics. Here’s to successful Salesforce CPQ implementations!

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