Duplicate Management for Salesforce(From Data.com)


Duplicate Management is a new Salesforce feature that helps to maintain cleaner data by preventing creation of duplicated data. Data.com Duplicate Management is used to control creation of  duplicate records in Salesforce by users, customize the logic that is used to identify duplicates; and create reports on the duplicates that users save. Continue reading “Duplicate Management for Salesforce(From Data.com)”

Data Conversation in Salesforce

“How are you?”  That’s how we begin a conversation with each other. Conversations are integral part of our daily activity. Same way have you ever wondered about the idea of having “Conversations with data?”  It sounds weird but that’s an integral part of our business activity. Yes through metrics, dashboards and reports we converse with data.  How?. Say you have a question of “What is the number of customers in a particular geographical region?” .You get an answer through a report/dashboard which is built over data that’s collected through on-going business transactions.

Salesforce provides a range of reporting options-from real time dashboards to yearly summaries. Continue reading “Data Conversation in Salesforce”