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Best Practices for Improving Visualforce Performance

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Blog

Visualforce was designed to provide developers with the ability to match the functionality, behavior, and performance of standard Salesforce pages. If your users experience delays, unexpected behavior, or other issues specifically around Visualforce, there are several actions you can take to not only improve their experience, but to also make for improved coding.

First, determine whether Visualforce is the problem by ensuring that:

  • The problems aren’t confined to a single user’s computer by testing expected Visualforce functionality on other machines as well as using different browsers.
  • Slow load times aren’t the result of a network issue by checking the load time of other Salesforce pages. If they’re also slow, it could be the result of bandwidth or latency issues toSalesforce. To check on the status of the Salesforce servers, visit trust.salesforce.com.  Also check the status of  network connections and ensure they’re functioning properly.
  • Follow  general Web design best practices, such as the minification of JavaScript and CSS, optimizing images for the Web, and avoiding iframes whenever possible.
  •  Use the Developer Console to step through the request and determine which items in the request used the most system resources. See “Using the Developer Console” in theSalesforce online help

Source: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/pages/index.html

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