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  • Is your Salesforce data secure?
  • Do your users have the right access to do the job?
  • Are you utilizing the full potential of the Salesforce Platform and its capabilities?
  • Do you have the necessary dashboards and reports, which provide you with KPIs to take necessary actions to grow your business?
  • Have you leveraged automation to reduce the time spent on data entry using simple point and click tools?
  • Do you have a Salesforce data backup strategy?
  • Do you have rules defined to ensure that the data entered in is of the highest quality and reliable?

All of this aspects are critical in driving the success of your Salesforce CRM implementation.

That’s why, our Salesforce admins are qualified with vast experience in Salesforce applications, integrations and configurations to ensure that you get the maximum value out of your Salesforce investment.

Furthermore, our On Demand service model is designed to meet your unique and fluctuating business needs, eliminating the need for a full-time Salesforce administrator.

This pay-as-you-use model of Salesforce Admin Support and Maintenance Services allows you to get real-time support from a team of Salesforce admins and solution architects who know the intricacies and the nuances of Salesforce and understand your unique business needs.


You Focus on High-Value Job Functions and We Will Take Care of Your Salesforce

Our Key Salesforce Admin Support and Maintenance Services Include

Defining and Providing Appropriate User Access

We secure access to your organization by creating a list of authorized users, setting password policies and limiting login access to certain hours and locations. The Object and Field-level security enable you to have absolute control over which users have access to which data.

Define User Interfaces Specific to User Roles

The features, functionalities, access and permissions differs with each role in an organization. We design User Interfaces specific to user roles, providing access to specific features and functionalities.

Define Workflow, Process Flows and Automate

The key functionalities of the platform like customer acquisition, lead generation, campaign management need to be defined – to create processes and workflows. We will assess your business requirements to narrow down the functionalities, processes and workflows that need to be implemented in Salesforce.

Approval Process

We ensure seamless approval processes by automating how records are approved in Salesforce. Our approval process specifies each step of approval, including from whom to request approval and what to do at each point of the process.

Create Email Alerts and Notifications

We automate Email alerts where emails can be generated and sent to designated recipients. This will include the processes, flows, workflow rules, approval processes, or entitlement processes.


Deduping may seem like a routine system maintenance issue, but it is actually quite tricky and there’s no undo. Our Salesforce Admin team at DemandBlue carefully reviews where your duplication problems are coming from, what objects are creating duplicates, how your instance can prevent them and how to keep your data as clean as possible.

Data Management (Import/Export/Backup)

Data Management is critical in driving actionable customer insights that drive superior customer experiences. Our Data Management capabilities ensure that your critical organizational data is kept safe, reliable while preventing dangerous errors from slipping through the cracks.

Review user utilization and adoption

Understand your business and business process and review your Salesforce org to identify the gaps. Taking care of the gaps ensures that the Salesforce has better adoption and there is ROI on your Salesforce investment.

Create Dashboards and Reports

We build, maintain dashboards and reports and analyze your Salesforce data. With our exclusive Salesforce services, you can group, filter, and summarize records to answers critical business questions that are insightful – For instance, “How much revenue did we generate from new business in Boston last quarter?

Customization and Branding of Communities

We will Customize and brand your communities to meet your specific business needs and transition seamlessly between them. Our customization services ensure that you drive sales by connecting your employees with your distributors, resellers and suppliers, and deliver world-class service by giving your customers one single place to get answers.

Why choose

Why choose DemandBlue as your Salesforce Services Partner

DemandBlue’s core USP is our pioneering On Demand Services for Salesforce, a unique and flexible Pay-as-you-use Salesforce engagement model that is exclusively designed and customized to meet your fluctuating business needs. Our On Demand service engagement model is

It is a pay-as-you-use model and the customers can subscribe to this service for a specific period. The customers will have to pay only for what they have used.
There is no fixed-price contract with tedious/meticulous paperwork and/or Time & Material work orders with usage commitment. All the work will be done remotely and not at the customer site unless absolutely required on a need basis from time to time.
On Demand services provide flexibility in scaling resources up or down depending on business dynamics
On Demand services are available 24/7. We will invest in the knowledge transfer and be available for customers On>Demand.
On Demand services saves time by eliminating the need to create SOW’s, ensures quick kickoff and early product delivery


Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

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Let our Expertise help you Unleash the Full Potential of Salesforce

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