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Account based marketing with Salesforce – 5 proven strategies

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Blog

Fun fact: Unless marketers are communicating with the right people they’re talking to themselves. An increasing number of B2B brands are turning to account based marketing. Though broad targeting does have its advantages it is resource-intensive, layered and an enormous amount of time is spent nurturing leads.

Account based marketing is more targeted and B2B companies that have adopted the ABM approach see a lift in win-rates.

The first instance of Account-based marketing dates back to 1993. Since then, ABM has augmented into an efficient and much capable version of itself with the aid of technologies like web analytics tools, AI, Marketing Automation, and much more.

With gaining popularity, ABM is helping marketers develop strategies that comply with long-term plans and make activity analysis easier than ever before, so marketers can understand each individual account and personalize marketing campaigns accordingly.

How Account-Based Marketing is a giant leap for B2B marketers?

Account-Based Marketing is specifically advantageous for B2B marketers as it targets companies and not people. B2B has a long sales cycle and deals can slip through the cracks without a strong ABM strategy. Account based marketing in B2B is fast gaining ground and how!

It’s time to rethink the marketing funnel…

Account based marketing flips the marketing funnel as it expands throughout the marketing journey. By identifying the right accounts, marketers can gather contacts within the company and engage them with correct networking channels. This method has a higher success rate, as both sales and marketing work together as an aligned force to sell products and services.

And a platform like Salesforce is the perfect fit for Account based Marketing.

Today over 58% of global companies are utilizing and are willing to invest in ABM technology. From this, a total of over 20% of firms tend to rely on Salesforce when it comes to ABM. Salesforce caters to your marketing and Sales needs with an unparalleled range of tools and products like Einstein AI, marketing Cloud, Pardot, etc. Account based marketing in Salesforce is the secret ingredient behind supercharged B2B marketing campaigns.

Reportedly, over 84% of Salesforce client companies say that ABM gives a higher ROI than other traditional marketing techniques.


5 Salesforce products and practices to turbocharge your ABM efforts

1. Tailored messages to the right accounts

Businesses require content management to organize and distribute a wide range of content, including disclaimers, notices, emailers, newsletters, and much more. Channeling such a wide range of content to a global audience can be a challenge at times. But with Pardot, marketers can customize the content as per global appeal, with the help of suitable templates, so that whether its Europe, Asia-pacific, or anywhere else, relaying messages is never a problem.

2. Rolling with Einstein

Salesforce’s own AI, Einstein, is a great product when it comes to enhancing ABM experience. With all its capabilities, it can easily automate account information gathering, predict steps that can benefit your marketing, and evaluate campaign performances. It integrates data from reputable sources to give out neat and relatable insights into the scenario.

3. Sandboxing to make sure

Testing is always a great and recommended practice before launching anything, then why not when it comes to Account-Based Marketing? Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot consist of a robust sandbox feature that thoroughly runs all the field tests to help marketers realize, configure, and audit their setting in a safe and sound environment. This way, marketers can always comply with the governance requirements of IT before releasing it.

4. Marketing Automation

The wonders of marketing automation help your marketers do tons of activities in minutes, if not seconds. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the automation of Account-based marketing can be achieved and regulated as per needs, so your marketer can handle a wide plethora of accounts without burdening themselves. Also, marketing automation can assist your marketer in identifying adequate accounts rapidly with lesser human intervention.

5. Terminus+Salesforce

The Terminus Pardot integration leverages the account intelligence data of Terminus within Pardot. This provides marketers the ammo they need to target best-fit accounts with personalized messages without rage-clicking across multiple tabs and products. The integration enables outbound teams to segment, prioritize, and deliver customer-specific messages to high-value accounts.

Soar your customer acquisition rates with Account-Based Marketing

The results it gives off and the ROI it generates help marketers to lean on Account-based strategies with confidence. Targeting Accounts is surely a great way of acquiring new customers by specifically looking in for the employees.

This helps the marketer to look at the bigger picture and aim for higher goals.

Here’s how we help B2B companies like yours close more deals with Salesforce

Sometimes technology can be overwhelming and you need the help of experts to get the most out of your tech investment.

We are certified Salesforce partners and all round good people who can help you along your ABM journey. Ready to move the needle?

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