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Accelerate Quote to Cash with DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud Accelerator Program

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Blog

Organizations that need to enhance their quote-to-cash process and accelerate revenue growth consider Salesforce Revenue Cloud the best-fit solution due to its boundless capabilities and easy-to-customize solutions. However, enthusiasm can often outpace operational reality and companies frequently jump into the Salesforce Revenue Cloud journey without a clear idea of the implementation timeline and complexities. The resulting frustration has forced companies to drop their implementation at the halfway point.

One of the significant challenges companies face today is the lengthy timeline for a typical Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation. But companies—especially those with strong competitive pressures—want their Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation completed in weeks, not months. Fluid customer requirements and the evolving sales cycle make rapid implementation a must. Fortunately, DemandBlue is ready to bridge the gap between desire and execution. We help businesses get started quickly with our unique Salesforce Revenue Cloud Accelerator packages.

DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud Accelerators 

DemandBlue’s Salesforce Revenue Cloud Accelerator offerings include two fixed timeline packages designed explicitly to expedite your Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation. Our accelerator packages come with pre-configured solutions to immediately set up and leverage Salesforce Revenue Cloud’s core capabilities. Leverage DemandBlue’s accelerator packages to ramp up your implementation journey and restructure your product or service pricing from day one.

1. CPQ Quick Start Package

Our CPQ Quickstart package is tailored for businesses that want to optimize their quote-to-cash process and accelerate revenue growth by implementing Salesforce CPQ on a short timeline. Our CPQ accelerators will add clear value to your CPQ journey with a highly efficient implementation. Our CPQ accelerators will help your sales team quickly get started with product configurations and quote automation. We will guide your configuration process for complex products and offer a realistic roadmap for future initiatives as your sales team begins to leverage the many robust features of Salesforce CPQ.

Highlights of our CPQ Quick Start Package: 

    • Discovery deep dives (up to three)
    • Three price rules, three product bundles, one pricebook
    • Three standardized quick actions (new opportunity, new quote, quick quote)
    • Three approval email templates, one discount schedule
    • Custom reports and dashboard
    • Advisory guidance for data migration

2. SaaS Accelerator package for subscription models

Our SaaS CPQ accelerator—designed for Software-as-a-Service companies—will take the strain out of standard subscription management. In fact, we seamlessly address the changes in your subscription services and configurations with a fixed scope. Ready-to-launch, our subscription bundles will remove the complexities and have you running in record time. 

Highlights of our Subscription SaaS Accelerator: 

    • 40 Products, including subscription and MDQ with pricebook entries
    • Five product bundles, product rules, price rules, etc.
    • Three approval email templates (submitted, approved, rejected)
    • 3rd party quote template (Conga, DocuSign)
    • Custom reports and dashboards
    • Contracts setup and one amendment process

How does DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud offering enhance your business model?

    • A unified sales channel combines direct sales, digital storefronts, and finance operations to optimize purchase behavior and improve customer experience.
    • An automated quote-to-cash process improves the operational efficiency of your sales and finance teams.
    • A new workflow management system helps the sales team create new revenue streams through various monetization strategies and subscription-style offerings.
    • Instant evaluation and validation allow quick approval of orders, discount approvals, and more.
    • Quick quotes and pricing are the norm as CPQ does all the automation and generates immediate, error-free quotes.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation through ODS model

DemandBlue iterates each on-demand CPQ implementation and customization process with the pay-as-you-use model to improve operational efficiency and enhance your lead-to-revenue strategy. With our agile implementation service, we quickly deliver your desired CPQ services. Our On Demand Service model will let you pay only for the services you leverage and nothing more.

Highlights of our On Demand CPQ Implementation Service:

    • Ability to scale resources and infrastructure based on your needs
    • You only pay for what you use throughout the CPQ implementation
    • No conflicts in resource planning
    • No additional usage level commitments

Partner with DemandBlue to accelerate your CPQ journey 

DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud accelerator packages will help your organizations speed up your Salesforce Revenue Cloud journey and streamline your quote-to-cash process. With proven implementation methodologies and expertise in Salesforce Revenue Cloud, we promise a hassle-free and quick implementation.

Connect with our experts today, discuss your business requisites, and start immediately with our accelerator packages.

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