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DemandBlue transforms customer experiences by offering Salesforce consulting through a unique Pay-As-You-Use On Demand Service model


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DemandBlue has deep industry-specific expertise. How do you achieve maximum ROI of your digital investment? Whether the answer lies in custom application development, data analytics or powerful integrations, as your Salesforce Consulting Partner we identify the perfect solution for your business.


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IP Warming for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot IP warming best practices – Improve Email Deliverability

IP warming isn’t a term you hear around the watercooler or marketing webinars. But it is important and any marketer who relies on email campaigns and uses an email platform like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, understands the importance of IP warming. Not following best practices can impact email deliverability rates and affect the performance of...
Complete Guide to Salesforce Implementation Partner

Why your business needs a Salesforce implementation partner, and how to choose one

It's been said that having the right Salesforce partner by your side will allow your business to achieve its full potential. A Salesforce implementation partner provides you with the right solution that capitalizes on opportunities and solves business bottlenecks. One common question that arises among new Salesforce customers: Can I...
Salesforce Commerce Cloud,CPQ

Here’s the much anticipated Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Highlights for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, CPQ and Billing

The world’s leading CRM platform Salesforce is back with its Summer’22 release updates. Salesforce constantly enhances the functionality and release features to foster consistency, reliability, productivity, usability, and availability of their products. In addition, the release page lists the upgrades your organization needs to implement and...
Salesforce architecture

Salesforce Single Org or Multi-Org – What is your Salesforce architecture?

Salesforce Single Vs Multi-Org strategy – which fits your business model? While setting up a Salesforce architecture or assessing the performance of an existing organization, the most perplexing question that haunts anyone is to decide between single-org architecture and multi-org architecture. With the frequent technology transitions happening,...
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A few stories that tell how we worked closely with our customers across industries to maximize their ROI on Salesforce products.

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A compilation of information that we learned from experience, acquired by expertise, and understood through research.

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