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5 Killer Salesforce hacks you need to know Right now!

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Blog

Salesforce packs quite a punch with tons of features and benefits that customer’s love. It is one of the most popular CRMs that will help keep tabs on almost all aspects of an organization’s sales, customer contacts while providing insights into analytics that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Research indicates that nearly 60% of all companies have integrated or have decided to integrate Salesforce Clouds sooner than later. You will be pleasantly surprised by the limitless options when it comes to leveraging Salesforce and its highly customizable interface! However, it can get overwhelming at times for the admins and developers to deliver the superior end-user experience. So here are the top 5 Salesforce hacks that can make life easier for the Salesforce developers.

1. Pre-populate specific Field values when Clone button is clicked

Here’s how

  • Create a custom button with Content Source as URL.
  • Then build a URL as mentioned in the Code Snippet
  • And replace the highlighted field based on your object.
  • For instance, if Opp11 is the order number for Stage field (this can be identified by trial and error method.
  • Both field name and the field value is configurable in custom settings so that user can change the field value or name in future.

Code Snippet without Custom Setting


Code Snippet with Custom Setting

OpportunityURLConfiguration – Custom Setting Name


NOTE: The above Salesforce hacks apply to Salesforce Classic.

 2.Find the duplicate records and highlight them in opportunity report (the field combination should be unique – Name, Amount and Owner.)

Here’s how

Create a formula field returning text and concatenate the fields whose composite value should be unique (Name + Amount + Owner) and treat blanks as blanks.

  • Create a formula field returning number 1 and treat blanks as blanks.
  • Create a summary report and group the formula field in step 1 and sum up the custom formula field created in step 2.
  • Select Conditional Highlighting and give the value as 2.


Salesforce hacks

Step 1

Salesforce hacks

Step 2

NOTE: The above Salesforce hacks apply to Salesforce Classic.

3. Achieve simultaneous validations that run on client and server’s end

Here’s how

  • Create a custom button calling controller method.
  • Create a custom button to invoke Script functions.
  • Hide the Button that calls the Controller method.
  • Once the JavaScript validations are complete, invoke the Remote Action methods.
  • In Remote Action result, trigger the Action button programmatically.

Code Snippet

function ValidateUploadDocument() {

//JavaScript Validation

//Custom Validations


//Once JavaScript Validation is Complete then call the Remote Method



function ValidateUploadDocumentRemoteMethod() {

//Remote Validation

//Remote Validations



function(result, event){

//Trigger the Action button that calls the controller button




NOTE: The above Salesforce hacks apply to Salesforce Classic.

4. Perform a DML operation in DatedConversionRate (one of the objects prohibiting DML operations)

Click here to learn more

Here’s how

  • DML operations can be performed using Out of box REST API provided by Salesforce.
  • The field names can be obtained using Workbench.

Code Snippet

Salesforce hacks

NOTE: The above Salesforce hacks apply to Salesforce Classic.

5. Copy a Rich text area field data from one object to another

Here’s how

  • Create a Flow to update the Rich Text Area

Salesforce hacks

  • Create a Process Builder to invoke the Flow.

Salesforce hacks

  • Activate the newly created Flow and Process Builder.

NOTE: The above Salesforce hacks apply to both Salesforce Classic & Lightning Experience.

Do you have your own set of Salesforce hacks you’d like share? Please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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