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20 years of Dreamforce Journey

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Blog

Since its first edition in 2003, Dreamforce has evolved beyond just a tech conference for devoted database techies—the trailblazers. Dreamforce started as a small event at the Hilton in San Francisco with a few more than 1,000 people and 50 or so sessions. Today Dreamforce stands tall and provides an unparalleled and dynamic experience like no other.

Dreamforce inspires its community with never-ending surprises and charm. It brings together the Trailblazer community to learn and network on all things Salesforce The three-day experience can feel like an epic family reunion. Don’t be surprised if at the end of it you are inspired to build the future of technology. If you are new to this global tech conference, Here’s a brief about the happenings at Dreamforce 2022 to get you started.

Remarkable Journey of Dreamforce

As we all know, this year will be extra special and fun for the Trailblazers’ community as Dreamforce steps into its 20th anniversary. Unlike the virtual event organized due to the pandemic, this year, Dreamforce planned to embrace a hybrid approach to help trailblazers connect from their comfort zone. So, don’t fret about missing the registration; you can watch it exclusively on Salesforce+.

Throughout these years, Dreamforce never missed amazing trailblazers with its groundbreaking innovations and full-filled learning sessions. And this year is no different.

As we prepare to experience yet another unforgettable Dreamforce 2022, let’s reminisce some of our best moments from the past:

2021: Going digital was the theme. Dreamforce released Salesforce+, an exclusive platform to enable its community to interact and watch live sessions in their comfort from anywhere.

2020: The first-ever virtual Dreamforce was hosted, drawing more than 140 million worldwide views.

2019: Trailblazers from 120 countries and the 50 U.S. states were gathered at the National Park witnessing an impressive line of speakers, including former President Barack Obama, CEO of Apple, Olympic Champions, and more.

2018: Salesforce announced its strategic partnership with Apple.

2017: Dreamforce brought in some of the world’s inspired visionaries, including former First Lady Michelle Obama, CEO of IBM, Hollywood heavyweights and equal rights activists, actor and innovator Ashton Kutcher, and more.

2016: The introduction of Einstein took center stage, making Salesforce as world’s No.1 intelligent CRM. It was also the first time when Dreamforce debuted in Dreampitch in the presence of legendary investors like Mark Cuban.

2015: Salesforce docked the “Dreamboat” cruise to provide extra accommodations for its attendees when San Francisco ran short of hotels.

2014: Dreamforce donated 1 million meals. Also, it was announced as one of the largest nonprofit tech conferences, with 7,000 nonprofits in attendance.

2013: The conference started with 120,000+ registered attendees.

2012: San Francisco’s Howard Street was closed off since Dreamforce had more than 70,000+ registered attendees.

2011: Marc Benioff, the co-CEO of Salesforce, presented a few app offerings, including Chatter, Radian6, etc.

2010: Salesforce live broadcasted Dreamforce for the first time attracting more than 20,000+ viewers from all around the world.

2009: Salesforce launched Chatter, enabling users to create a new way of communication.

2008: Being an early adopter of Twitter, Dreamforce achieved a new landmark witnessing more than 10,000+ attendees.

2007: Visualforce was developed. Parker Harris created this remarkable framework allowing developers to build custom user interfaces hosted natively on the Lightning platform.

2006: AppExchange Incubator was launched to help companies align with Salesforce and proliferate.

2005: Marc Benioff launched AppExchange.

2004:  Dreamforce grew double in size with more than 2500 attendees covering 100+ sessions

2003: Dreamforce was born. Held as a one-day event in San Francisco with 1,300 attendees and 50+ sessions.

DemandBlue’s part in Dreamforce

DemandBlue has been a part of Dreamforce since 2012.

With our strong participation, from Silver Sponsorships to hosting our networks at the conference, we have delivered value to attendees and created fond memories of fun-loaded experiences.

This year, things are even more exciting for us! Our Director of Customer Success, Mr. Arun Govindan, is delivering his session on the Dreamforce stage. He is one of our visionary leaders who transformed and supported many businesses to achieve success.

If you have missed your ticket, here’s a registration link to get a free virtual Dreamforce entry!

Schedule an appointment with our team to discuss how we help restructure your business to accelerate growth. Can’t wait to meet you all @ DF22!

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