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DemandBlue transforms customer experiences by offering Salesforce consulting through a unique Pay-as-you-use On Demand Services model


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DemandBlue has deep industry-specific expertise. How do you achieve maximum ROI of your digital investment? Whether the answer lies in custom application development, data analytics or powerful integrations, as your Salesforce Consulting Partner we identify the perfect solution for your business.


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Nine Common Pain Points Solved by Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Revenue, and especially revenue that is trending upwards, is a clear indicator of an organization's health and potential. However, responding to fluid market shifts and staying abreast of technology advancements can pose the huge challenge to this consistent revenue growth if not adopted correctly. Organizations globally are struggling hard to...

How to improve Salesforce adoption rates through customization

“Is this necessary?” “We’ve always done it this way.” “That is a steep learning curve to navigate.” All of us hear one or all of these reactions when there is a proposed change. If it is a change that drives new ways of working and transforms processes, there is going to be a natural resistance to it. And that is why most organizations that...
Exciting features introduced at Dreamforce 2021

Exciting features introduced at Dreamforce 2021

We are just a week out of Dreamforce 2021, but already most of us have started missing it and nostalgically looking forward to the events next year. On the bright side Dreamforce 2021 saw the launch of variety of new exciting features that promises to dream excitement, efficiency and ease of use. The three-day global event had a lot in it for the...

DemandBlue Dreamforce 2021 Recap

Wow! We can't believe how magical Salesforce's annual community conference was this year, in its highly innovative hybrid experience. DemandBlue was proud to be a silver sponsor of #DF21. Read our recap of our favorite 3 parts to the 3-day event. Part 1: Learning To start, let's highlight the key focus of all Salesforce events, which were the...
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A few stories that tell how we worked closely with our customers across industries to maximize their ROI on Salesforce products.

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A compilation of information that we learned from experience, acquired by expertise, and understood through research.

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