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DemandBlue transforms customer experiences by offering Salesforce consulting through a unique Pay-as-you-use On Demand Services model


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DemandBlue has deep industry-specific expertise. How do you achieve maximum ROI of your digital investment? Whether the answer lies in custom application development, data analytics or powerful integrations, as your Salesforce Consulting Partner we identify the perfect solution for your business.


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10 reasons to implement Salesforce Revenue Cloud

10 Ways Salesforce Revenue Cloud can Drive the B2B Buying Experience

We are living in a changed world. The pandemic has disrupted sales channels and customer demands. The need for technology to accelerate revenue generation, unify processes and provide customers with a frictionless buying experience has never been more necessary or urgent.  Salesforce Revenue Cloud offers industry-oriented solutions that address...
How A Leading Mortgage Company Streamlined More Lead Closures Implementing On-demand Salesforce Solution

How DemandBlue Helped a Leading Mortgage Lending & Refinancing Company To Strategize New Lead Assignment Process With Use of On-demand Salesforce Solution

How A Leading Mortgage Company Streamlined More Lead Closures Implementing On-demand Salesforce Solution Better Customer expectations and more lead closures are the common factors for any Mortgage and financing organization’s success. To elevate such a strategy in their business, a Mortgage & Financing company from the US partnered with us to...
Pardot Implementation Cost

How Much Does Pardot Implementation Cost? Let’s find out!

Are you planning to invest in Pardot? Great choice. It is the most comprehensive B2B marketing automation tool out there. But every major decision smuggles in loads of questions. How will it play with your existing customer engagement programs? What it means to your lead nurturing teams and account based marketing teams? What can be done to...
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What you need to know about digital 360

Is Digital 360 worth the hype? The short answer is “absolutely.” DemandBlue has been in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2012, and during that time we’ve completed more than 222 projects across North America, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa with on-demand execution that’s agile, affordable, and always available. We believe that putting the...
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A few stories that tell how we worked closely with our customers across industries to maximize their ROI on Salesforce products.

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A compilation of information that we learned from experience, acquired by expertise, and understood through research.

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